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Jan 8, 2014 05:54 AM

Kid friendly restaurants

I am headed to New Orleans with my wife and four children ages 13,11, 6, and 5 in March. We will be staying in the Garden district near Magazine and Napoleon, but will have transportation. My wife is allergic to shellfish, but my oldest and I love it. Two youngest will eat chicken nuggets/pasta and 11 year old likes salad. Looking for restaurants with choices for everyone. We will be eating two lunches and three dinners. Wondering if I could do the 1/2 price happy hour pizza at Domenica's? We will be visiting Villalobos rescue center and the French Quarter one day and the other day driving to Slidell for a Swamp Tour. Any reccommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have been to New Orleans many times, but never with children. Thanks!!

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  1. This doesn't squarely fit into your stated food preferences, but I just went to District, on Magazine in the Lower Garden District (not to be confused with the District Lounge on Tchoupitoulas), for the first time last week, and really enjoyed it. They feature three basic categories of food: gourmet donuts, sliders, and coffee. I had three different sliders -- cheeseburger, fried chicken, and fried shrimp. The cheeseburger was fine, but I thought the chicken and shrimp sliders were better than fine -- really delicious. I washed them down with a really good latte, and then followed with a just-out-of-the-kitchen toasted coconut donut (and another latte!). Seems like the type of place that would work for most families. They do have other kid friendly menu items, like fries, cheese, fries, soda and other kid-friendly drinks, and soft serve ice cream. (BTW, you order at the counter as you enter and then take a seat while you wait for your food to be prepared.)

    1. If Hungry Celeste hadn't mentioned it a little while back I'd have forgotten about it but she recommended American Sector at the WWII Museum. That is a great call I think.

      Even at those ages we used to be taken out occasionally by our parents and nowhere was off limits so long as we behaved. Failure to do so merited automatic expulsion and banishment to Swanson's Frozen TV Dinners. It was a powerful incentive that I wish were still applied today.

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        American Sector looks great. I was also thinking about Mandina's. Any pizza joints near Magazine?

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          There's always something pizza-y around MAgazine but I have no particular recommendations. I know others will.

          Mandinas would be fine and so would Ye Olde College Inn.

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            If you're looking for pizza places around Magazine at Napoleon, there are two right there: New York Pizza and Theo's. Both are fine and family friendly. But Magazine is a long street with many pizza places so you shouldn't have trouble finding something anywhere.

            1. re: uptownlibrarian

              Both of those sound great! Thanks for the info!

          2. I know it’s a local chain, but Superior Seafood on the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon would be perfect for your group. They also do $.50 oysters and good drink specials during happy hour. Domenica would be a great choice as well. In the FQ, Crescent City Brewhouse has decent food and is family friendly. Great beers as well.

            1. 2nd American Sector, great for families; also agree with Mandina's or College Inn. Don't forget the ever-family-friendly Camellia Grill; also Stanley's in the Quarter. And all kids of all ages must go to Cafe du Monde.

              You'll be close to Joey K's, a more than decent locals joint with a big menu that includes Creole standards and basic American fare.

              For sweet treats you're near Sucre.

              Also take a look at High Hat on Freret, it's deelish and may just have something for everyone (including great cocktails for Mommy & Daddy; as does Am Sector).

              Lunch at Sammy's on Elysian Fields on the way to or from the Slidell swamp tour. Mmmm, Sammy's.

              For something off the beaten path you might also consider Deanie's, not the one in the FQ (meh) but the original out in Bucktown. It's an old school seafood place close to the Lake; we went there with visiting relatives and their kids not long ago so I know they have a kid's menu.

              Let us know where you end up and how it works out!

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                Hey! Don't be telling everyone about Sammy's, I'll never get a seat again. (Hint: try the ray ray.)

                I see a lot of those alarmingly sober little people types at Pizza Delicious. A ride from where you're staying but I *think* Piety St. snoballs -- across the street -- is open year round and everyone likes a snoball.

                1. re: MoonpieLover

                  Thank you for the GREAT recomendations!! My girls will love Sucre and High Hat and Sammy's looks amazing!

                  1. re: ngbreed

                    Sammy’s is great, but I wouldn’t exactly call if kid-friendly.

                      1. re: ngbreed

                        Well, there’s a line that you have to wait on in the middle of the dining area and you have to pick your food up at the counter. You’re not going to get crayons and menus to draw on. Sodas are self-service. The crowd is very blue collar and probably wouldn’t appreciate unruly kids. The counter clerks can be surly at times. It’s just not a place that caters to kids. Now, if none of that bothers you, then by all means, go check it out.

                        1. re: shanefink

                          Thank you for explaining. I don't think that is a problem. Sounds like any other fast food restaurant in Indiana. My children should do fine.

                  2. re: MoonpieLover

                    Does Joey K's take reservations? If not, how long is the wait during the week? I saw that it was part of the series Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, has it suffered from overcrowding and decreased quality as many restaurants do after being viewed on this series?

                    1. re: ngbreed

                      I've never noticed any changes at Joey K's, but I didn't know it was on TV until just now so I might just be oblivious in general. They do get busy at lunchtime during the week though. It's a popular lunch spot, but I've never waited more than about 15 minutes. I don't know for sure if they take reservations but I wouldn't think so.

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                        As far as I know they don't take reservations. It's not destination dining (and definitely leans toward diner) and I don't recall having to wait, but I know how it is with a hungry family. Per librarian's comment, maybe try to go off-peak, or call when you're 15-30 minutes away and ask how busy they are (and if they'll kindly hold a table for you). Slim Goodies & Ignatius are a couple other back-up dinery breakfast/lunch spots in your area, though Joey's is larger their menu is a bit more varied.

                        In my experience the Guy bump seems to last about 3-4 months, then tapers off. Sammy's has a big poster of him on their wall, so he's been there too. Same thing there - popular lunch spot. And though it is counter-style ordering & service, food is cooked to order so it doesn't come out at fast-food speed (for Sammy's, a GPS is more important than a reservation - it's in a weird spot just at the foot of an overpass).

                        All parents know to pack emergency snacks when circumstances are likely to veer from the regimented norm (ie, vacations). You should be fine. Have fun, eat well, report back!

                    2. Interesting question.

                      I was about 5, when my parents first took me to Antoine's, then about 6 for the first visit to Galatoire's. I think that Brennan's (gone) came at about 8, along with several others, such as Kolb's (also gone).

                      However, the difference is that I was, at that point, an only-child, so had to behave - all eyes were on me.

                      Still, if the youngest children are up to fine-dining, then there are plenty of options. If not, there are still plenty of options, but just different ones.

                      Good luck,