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Jan 8, 2014 12:48 AM

Queso dip fans warned of possible Velveeta shortage

Kraft is mum about possible reasons for the shortage:

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  1. Finally! The tireless efforts of VAL, the Velveets Action League, have paid off.

    No longer will these shy, gentle creatures be captured, beaten and pureed into Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product!

      1. Now people will have to use real queso for their queso dip. The horror....

        1. A buyer for HEB told the Houston Chronicle Kraft has been shorting stores the 8 and 16 oz sizes since October but there's no shortage of the 32 oz size, which accounts for 90% of sales.

          The moral of the story: C'mon, don't be so skimpy, use a bigger bowl.

          1. Three weeks before the Super Bowl?

            Marketing, marketing, marketing.