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Jan 7, 2014 09:20 PM

Anyone familiar with Sur La Table enameled cast iron cookware?

I noticed Sur La Table makes its own brand of enameled cast iron pots. Has anyone bought these and are they of good quality? Better than the cheaper kind I can get at Cost Plus World Market or Target or from Lodge? Thank you.

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  1. If you're looking for a mid-priced pot, don't overlook Fontignac. It's made in France and IIRC it's Staub's lower line. There some reviews near the bottom of this thread:

    And some from BB&B:

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      Thank you, DuffyH. I wasn't familiar with this brand. The only thing is, I can't seem to find any round Fontignac cocottes larger than a 5.25qt online (don't want oval). I need something with about a 7 or 8 qt capacity.

      I'd give the SLT line a shot, but I'm concerned it might not be really durable. A 7qt is around $79, about the same as a Lodge. And they've made the interior enamel black, which I'm guessing is less about aesthetics and more so you won't notice when the enamel chips.

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          You can't possibly go wrong buying anything at BB&B. They have an extraordinarily liberal return policy and will either refund or exchange anything at anytime you are displeased with it. It's best to file away the receipt, but even without it, they're very easy to deal with.

        2. re: ninrn

          Costco has a made in France 6.5 quart round that is very nice. Pretty sure it's made by the same company that makes Staub.

          1. re: Cam14

            Thanks, Cam14. The website says they don't make those any more.

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              They weren't on the website but for a couple of weeks. We have 3 stores near us and they are still in the stores here. Red ones and blue. They were $59.00 around Christmas, last weekend they were priced at $79.00.

      1. Just bumping this thread to see if anyone can comment on the Sur La Table brand enameled cast iron 7 qt Dutch oven and tell me how it compares to other brands.

        1. Hi ninrn. I'm sorry I can't speak to their enameled cast iron, but since you're still looking for an answer ... I can say that I've been VERY happy with the SLT stainless/triply cookware, and think it's of comparable quality to (and much cheaper than) All-Clad. If they put the same manufacturing standards into their ECI, I bet you'll be happy. If you can, wait for a sale; their own branded stuff gets marked down as much as 40%, probably putting it at the same price point as Lodge and the others. Plus, SLT has a pretty generous return policy, so if you're unhappy after using it they'll take it back, though I'm not sure in what time frame. Good luck!

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            Thanks, herring! They just sent me some kind of sale announcement, so maybe I'll take the plunge.