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Dec 30, 2013 07:17 AM

Best Khao Soi in Chiang Mai?

Can someone send us to the best Khoa Soi in Chiang Mai????
Heading there next week and can't wait!

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  1. @MSK Check out Khao Soi Lam Duan Fah Ham! Best in Chiang Mai. Andy Ricker knows his stuff:

    1. Here's a good list of places to try:
      I can confirm that the Khao Soi in the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center (it's the Lanna Food Court in the far back of the basement level, not the regular food court) is excellent but the size of the chicken is disappointing.

      My favorite is the noodle shop across from Hillcoff Coffee, next door to the Maternity Hospital, about 150 meters north of Chiang Puak Gate. Go north from the Gate. turn right on the first street with lots of traffic. It's the first noodle stand on the left hand side of the street.

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        I tried the dish at several places, including above mentioned Lam Duan, at the Islam place, and at one other (can't recall). My favorite was Khao Soi Samerjai (listed in the Saveur article). The sai ua there were also very tasty there.

      2. Have tried many and have yet to have a bad bowl ...
        I thought Khao Soi Lam Duan Fah Ham had the best soup/broth , but Khao Soi Samerjai had the best dry noodles
        while Khao Soi Prince had the best wet noodles , ect ...
        Other good bowls at Khao Soi Khun Yai , and Lampang Lert Rot

        photo : Khao Soi Samerjai .

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          I revisited both Khao Soi Lam Duan Fah Ham and Khao Soi Samerjai ; wasn't even close .
          Much prefered Samerjai in every way but each place has it's fans .
          I also went to Khao Soi Islam which is said to be closer to the original version . It was actually the only bowl I've had that I didn't really enjoy .

        2. A bit late - but I tried just about every khao soi on any list and Khao Soi Samer Jai was my absolute fav by far!

          We would always get a nod of approval from the red truck drivers when we told them where we wanted to eat (and never had to tell them an address).


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          1. re: heydana

            What did you think of Lampang Lert Rot ?

            1. re: kid cha

              Actually didn't try Lert Rot - the locals who were guiding me around didn't put it in their top lists. I liked Khao Soi Khun Yai 2nd best (The entrance is on the inner side of the north moat between the temples of Wat Monthian and Wat Kuan Kama).

              Lam Duan Fah was a distant third or fourth.

              Kao Soy Nimman was also pretty good, though the rest of the food there was average. Convenient since we were staying in the Nimman area.

              Overall, though, the khao soi specialty shops were 10x better than getting khao soi at any restaurant - even local ones. The amount of work that goes into making the curry paste is just not something average restaurants will go through.

              1. re: heydana

                I rarely get out to the famous ones on the east side of town, but agree 100% that a noodle shop will do a much better job at Khao Soi than any restaurant. All one has to do is look for the pile of crispy noodles on a shelf to know they'll do Khao Soi. I've rarely been disappointed. i wasn't a fan of Khao Soi Nimman either. I think the noodle shop on Sirimankalajarn between Nimman Soi 9 and 11 did a much better version.

                Every neighborhood has a Khao Soi vendor. My current local favorite is on the road leading from the race track to the new convention center. No name in English but it's on the left side with a big yellow sign that can't be missed.

                @kid cha -- I'm with you. Khao Soi Islam may be using the authentic 19th century recipe but it's completely different from the modern Chiang Mai version. I've had Khao Soi in both Myanmar and Laos and, to my taste, neither is as good as the Chiang Mai version.

                1. re: el jefe

                  el jefe , hows the $18 bowl of khao soi at pokpok ny ?
                  by the way , I discovered pokpok's twitter feed recently ,
                  the chef is currently in town :


                  1. re: kid cha

                    Ha! I wouldn't know. I totally respect Andy Richter. He's here every year and knows his northern Thai food. And I believe you that he's charging $18 for a bowl of Khao Soi whose ingredients cost less than $1, even in NYC. If I had to go more than 2 months without a great bowl of Khao Soi, I might have to go to PokPok, but fortunately that's not the case. btw, while I have a special place in my heart for Sripraphai, But the only dish they do worse than Pad Thai is Khao Soi.

                    Kid, if you're not in CM now, next time you're here let me know. I'd be happy to take you to some of my favorite northern Thai places. Farang ones too, if you're interested. But not this week. It's CMU graduation. An hour wait at Tong at 6:00pm!

                    1. re: kid cha

                      I tried the Khao Soi at Andy Ricker's original Portland Pok Pok and was pleasantly surprised. It's def a ripoff (think of Charles Phan Slanted Door for Vietnamese food - it breaks my heart) but it's a fairly good representation. Doesn't hold a candle to SamerJai. It's probably the best khao soi you'll find in the US, and even better than a lot of the sorry khao soi's you'll find in Thai restaurants, but still not nearly as good as the people who've been perfecting their curry mixes for decades.

                      The interesting thing about Pok Pok is that there's a lot of vietnamese influence in the thai food. Not a bad thing (the result is very delicious) but it's a creative interpretation. The Vietnamese fish-sauce fried chicken wings there were incredible.

            2. Maybe someone can help me learn the name of this Khao Soi place in Chiang Mai. We ate here several times last year. Not sure even what street it is on. It wasn't far off of Tha Phae Road heading towards Win Cosmetics and the area where the hilltribe vendors are located - heading towards Worawat Market. Anyone read Thai and know the name of this place I have in the picture?