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Jan 7, 2014 08:01 PM

Sutter Meats Northampton

Opening next week. Not soon enough

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  1. I am very interested to check this out and see if offers anything River Valley Market does not . And at what price point.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      It's hard to compare them, Magiesmom. Sutter is much more limited than River Valley. It's strictly a butcher store, where they source local meat (all fresh) and butcher to your order or their own judgment for stuff that's ready-to-go. I suspect they may modify their approach as they go and feel out the market, but it's interesting right now.
      They've got pork, beef, make housemade sausages, also various kinds of stock. Prices expensive, but within the price range for local meat, I think. I have a blog post up today, and I'll link it here (if the mods okay that) because you'll get a better idea of what it's like, what they're aiming for, and whether it would be worth your while to drop in. (I think for curiosity's sake, it would be.) The pork chops I bought were very good, the real deal.

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        I went there on Friday. The shop is immaculately clean, and the owners are very friendly. I was looking for lamb chops, but they were out of lamb until this coming Tuesday, Wound up with a Denver cut of steak which frankly we weren't crazy about, and an order of "bork" -- ground beef and ground pork. Made a ragu sauce this evening which was delicious. I did not think their prices were crazy high, and pretty much in line with River Valley Market. Fresh, organic, locally sourced meat is always going to be "pricier" than the stop and shop equivalent.

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        1. WEnt there once and bought steak. It was not exceptional. We prefer the steak from Costco. Husband went there another time and came home with a half price cooked chicken. It was kind of wet and again, not exceptional.

          1. I went last week, and it's great!

            This is all fresh meat, like back in the day of real butchers.

            For those that mention River Valley, I've found that RV has fresh local ground beef only, but any other cut of local meat is frozen. I don't want frozen meat!

            I'm going out of my way to patronize Sutter's, as it's a luxury to have a real butcher. This is usually something you can only find in places like NYC.

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            1. re: johnblacksox

              Sutter's is by no means the only real butcher in Hamp. Serio's on State Street in Northampton has a real butcher shop. It's been there forever. They are incredibly accommodating, take orders for holidays and I've gotten many a brisket there (even though my gourmet cook friend swears the briskets at Costco are the best she's ever cooked in her 76 years). Another option is Pure Food in Southampton on Route 10. Now that is old-fashioned, with a grumpy butcher in a stained apron.

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  My parents' friend owned a kosher butcher shop in NJ and of course I remember the smell of sawdust on the floor.