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Jan 7, 2014 06:53 PM

Kettle Brand Sriracha potato chips

They're here:
... or so they say. I am excited to try them, but I can't find them. Has anyone found where to get these in SD?

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    1. re: SaltyRaisins

      I called Target in Mission Valley and they don't have them.

    2. Windmill Farms.

      I tried the Lays version of Sriracha and wasn't impressed. Hopefully, Kettle will do a better job.

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        I called Windmill Farms and they said they don't have them, but they said they sell a chip "like a PopChip" that is sriracha-flavored that sells well.

        1. re: DiningDiva

          Yes, hopefully. But they'll have to be a LOT better than the Lays version, which were really revolting, IMO. I'll give the Kettle sriracha chips a try when they show up at Keils.

        2. The store manager at Jonathan's Market in La Jolla says they'll be getting them in in a few weeks.

          1. The Ralph's in Hillcrest has them! Unfortunately, they don't taste very much like Sriracha, but are delicious none the less.