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Jan 7, 2014 06:43 PM

"Rangoon Racquet Club" Beverly Hills 1970's-1980's

I saw a post from 2009 about the "Rangoon Racquet Club" which was
a fabulous, classic Beverly Hills Restaurant and Bar. It has been several years since any new post have been added to that chain, so I decided to just start a new one. Soon- I will add an image of a lunch menu that I have just purchased! Maybe that will bring some memories
back for you!

I remember it from the early 1980's which was a very fun and social time for Beverly Hills, CA. I would love for anyone to add anything about the menu, food, staff that comes to their mind. If you remember
or know anything of what happened to any of the staff, I would love to
know more! There was a waiter named Ernie who was our favorite!
Our favorite bar food was the "Scotch Eggs"! Anyone else remember ??

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  1. I remember it as the first place I had the great chocolate mousse cake from La Mousse

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    1. I used to go with my grandmother, late 70's. I remember the curried chicken salad.

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        1. It opened in 1975 and (as far as I recall) closed for good in the early 1990's. Here are a couple of LA Times articles about it.

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              Yes! I love these articles! I found a few pictures as well!

            2. I loved that place! Went there all the time when I first moved to L.A. We became friends with Manny Zwaaf (sp?) and had a lot of wonderful times there. Our regular items were scotch eggs, the chopped salad and the chili! I was just beginning a career, and would go sometimes to just have a drink. Couldn't afford much else. Manny would always send something over and say "we screwed up this order. please eat it so we don't have to throw it away." I would try to repay him by asking dates (who could afford it) to take me there. Met some very interesting people there; it was a festive, fun scene. I remember Maureen Reagan eating a chocolate mousse under a table, because her husband told her she shouldn't have it. Burt Young was there a lot. And Sam Peckinpaw and I made a bet on the Rose Bowl! Fun times..... I'd love to see that menu.

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                Oh you're right! My girlfriends and I were invited to go to the formal dinner side few times and we felt like we had won to lottery!! LOL
                Manny was just the nicest gentleman!
                Does anyone know if he's still around!!??

              2. By the way....Diane....where did you purchase the menu? I'd love to have one.....

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                  You know I'm a buyer and seller on Ebay and I found it from a antique dealer in Texas!! They wanted $100.00
                  for it! I watched it for a long time as no one bid on it.
                  I offered 35.00 and the lower they would go was $65.00
                  so what would any nut do who loves great memories??
                  I gave to myself as a Birthday present!! LOL
                  Sorry I haven't posted it yet! I will...promise!

                  1. re: DianeHeil

                    good for you giving it to yourself as a gift. i'm sure i would smile every time i looked at it!