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Jan 7, 2014 05:40 PM

Dine About Town 2014 [San Francisco]

It seems that folks were not too excited about it last year. Thoughts about this year's lineup? In particular, I'd be interested to hear any advice or recommendations for vegetarian-friendly picks among this year's options.

More info here:

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  1. Is there information about the DAT menus there? All I find are reservation links. I don't find menus on either.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Yeah, it seems like they don't have menus for most of the restaurants, but there are some linked from Some of them are also on OpenTable, if you click to the restaurant's individual menu page.

        1. re: DaisyFlower

          Those the restaurants' regular menus, not for the DAT menus.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          My past experience told me that a lot of the times these restaurants were serving a different DAT menu from what was posted.

      1. Just to bump the thread, here's Eater SF's take:

        1. I went with a group to Fringale last night. The choices on the DAT menu are from the regular menu. I wasn't too impressed with the food, especially compared to previous DAT trips to One Market and Isa. The calamari appetizer was tasty but the seabass entree was bland. My friend liked the coq au vin. The chocolate gourmand dessert was delicious and the gateau Basque was quite good. Service was very good.

          1. So they are changing Dine about town this year.

            GGRA is taking it over and will be re-branded as Restaurant week. They are offering different tiers of participation and it is up to the restaurant to decide at what level they want to participate. Has anyone read or seen the new details?

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            1. re: smatbrat

              From GGRA:

              To de-emphasize the discount price point and try to include a greater range of restaurants of varying profiles, we are dividing the program into two separate channels. It will be up to restaurants to decide what they would like to offer. Restaurant Week menus should stand out for being unique for the program, hopefully not just a re-assembly of existing á la carte items.

              1) Enhanced Classic Prix-fixe:
              (Choose one or both menus options)

              2 - Course Lunch Menu $25
              3 - Course Dinner Menu $40

              Enhancements (choose one per meal part):

              Lunch = amuse bouche or a takeaway (like a cookie, granola, or breakfast bread)
              Dinner = amuse bouche, paired cocktail, wine, or beer with entrée, takeaway (cookie, granola, breakfast bread etc.)


              2) Unique Experience Prix-fixe:

              $85 Discovery Menu (includes wine pairings and a gratuity/service charge*)

              This offering should feel rare/exclusive. Get creative! Menu can highlight:
              - farm relationship
              - particular wine/beer pairings or signature cocktail
              - intentionally family style (something diners have expressed a lot of interest in!)
              - a departure from usual cuisine/style
              - collaboration with guest chef/sommelier/pastry chef
              - fun themes: what you would want for your last supper, the meal that inspired you to be a chef/restaurateur, the Giants’ favorite things

              *Wine Pairings & Gratuity/Service Charge: volume/value is yours to determine

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                What do you think?

                I find it somewhat complicated compared to the traditional way of doing things

                1. re: smatbrat

                  I agree ... could be confusing for diners.

                  Also: wasn't the point of DAT to discover new places and try them at a slightly lower price point? I didn't mind at all that they were generally taking items from the regular menu, because it meant you were getting a good sense of what the restaurant had to offer.

                  1. re: smatbrat

                    Dunno. I never found the old DAT interesting so they can't do worse by me.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      I have discovered some gems from DAT. And I would also use it to try a restaurant I was curious about...but worried it wasnt worth it. Found both hits and misses

                      The Enhancements seems kinda odd....

                      asking participating restaurants to get also just kinda silly to me. Chefs are creative all the time, especially based on relationships with farms.

                      And I dont want DAT to be a departure. Like Torina said, you got a good sense of what they had to offer.

                      I will be curious what menu's look like and how many really participate in the $85 level