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Outstanding Soup

I was just looking through an old thread on soup in the Twin Cities and since the thread was three years old, I thought I'd start another.


On a whim I stopped by La Cucaraca in St. Paul and tried their house chicken soup along with a couple of tacos. The soup hit the spot on this very cold evening and I wondered why I didn't eat soup in restaurants more often.

Where can I find more bone broth soups (not those made with packaged broths)? I do like pho, so I know about those.

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  1. I don't know about the broth specifically, but I've always loved every soup I've had at W.A. Frost.

    I also really like the house chicken soup at La Cucaracha - it's so simple and delicious.

    1. The soups at Lucia's To Go in uptown are excellent.

      I think the best soups in the TC's are at Restaurant Vincent. They tend to be more along the lines of vegetable velot├ęs, and less meat based. But they are exquisite.

      The house soup at Barbary Fig is made from scratch with a lamb stock. It is very yummy.

      1. The Hacienda in the Sibley plaza on West 7th and Davern has delicious soup - both the beef and chicken are made with actual beef bones/chicken, with great vegetables and a delicious broth . . . far and away my favorite.

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          Yo, Bohem. Yelp reports Hacienda as closed. Is this right?

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            I found a Facebook post from September saying they are closed.

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              I drove by yesterday afternoon and can confirm that La Hacienda is indeed out of business.

        2. The chicken soup at Homi is excellent, and appears to be made fro their own stock.

          1. Try Chimborazo or El Sabor on Central in NE.

            According to a friend who claimed she knows people from Ecuador, Ecuadoran's love soup.

            Also try On's Thai or some of the thai-oriented hawkers at the Hmong hawker centers (Como & Rice? and 1001 Johnson Parkway).

            Korean's have a way with bowls of broth and stuff as well. Try the Tofu House on Oak Street for an interesting take on ingesting what appears to be hot lava.

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              I just had a wonderful bowl of Hue Soup at IPho. It consisted of a lovely spicy beef broth with chunks of stew meat (I'm not good at figuring out what type it was, but it had a nice fattiness, and connective tissue). The soup included nice, plump, round rice noodles, about the width of a soda straw. Fantastic and warmed my soul with memories of Hue.

            2. Taqueria La Hacienda has excellent Menudo and I was pleased to discover a large piece of bone in a recent bowl.

              334 E. Lake Street #101
              Minneapolis, MN 55408

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                Just to clarify, this is different than The Hacienda in the Sibley Plaza.


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                  Which, FWIW, has been closed for months. :-(

              2. Every soup I have had at tilia has blown me away. I rarely order soup but at tilia I wouldn't think of not getting one or two....

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                  Have to agree. I had an amazing split pea soup at Tilia.

                  Another place you might not think of for soup -- Pig Ate My Pizza. The potato-leek soup was outstanding. They served a big bowl (enough for two to share) of mini-croque monsieur sandwiches, potato chips, dried cherries, buttered popcorn, and Sriracha foam, then poured the hot soup over it. Yes, it sounds incredibly weird and precious, but it was really delicious and satisfying. One of our best "tastes" of the year.

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                    OMG, they have a white bean chili with pork belly "croutons" this winter. I daydream about that soup.

                  2. Trying to stay on topic, I am on an all iquid diet for a few more days (dr supervised). Is there anyplace that serves good consume or broth soups. I may hit a local place today for pho and strain the solids, but I would like a great bowl of other broths.

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                      Cheng Heng sells their soups with the broth separate.

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                        Most of the pho places if you get it to go, will have the solids separate.

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                          I like Meritage's matzo ball soup, with the smallest diced carrots. You could probably just order the broth.

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                            Some Vietnamese places will let you just buy pho broth too, if you ask. Then you're not paying for the solids you aren't planning to eat!

                          2. I'm a sucker for a really good egg drop soup made with homemade chicken stock (IMHO the best hangover cure especially with some sambal mixed in).

                            No one in town does this soup right. They always use way too much corn starch to thicken it and it overpowers the flavor of the whole soup. And I know for a fact that they don't use real chicken stock (as far as the restaurants that I have been to anyway.)

                            That old Chinese place on Hennepin in Uptown (Szechuan Express or whatever it was called) made a delicious version of egg drop soup made with sweet corn. Does anyone know why that place closed? (They closed circa 1998-2000). They were always packed and despite being a "fast food" type of Chinese restaurant, their food was superb.

                            1. Best soup in the Twin Cities area is the Laksa at Satay 2 Go in Apple Valley - coconut/curry/chicken broth with shredded chicken, sprouts, and noodles. The broth is curry-spicy, with just enough coconut milk to make it feel a bit more substantial than plain chicken soup without turning it into a "cream" soup..

                              It's definitely the best thing to warm up on these never-get-out-of-the-negative-temps days. Corrine also makes several other soups, all of which are good.