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Jan 7, 2014 04:11 PM

Chow worthy in Encinitas - guests coming from Chicago

I was thinking Q'ero but cant seem to get a reservation for 6 on open table but will call.

Anything else worthy in Encinitas or North County? Maybe something they can't get in Chicago which I guess is a tall order.

thanks for the help.

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  1. My BFF came from Chicago and I took her to Especial del Norte for some soup, Blue Ribbon for pizza. I think the Lobster West is good. We frequent Solace and Union. I think fish tacos at the Brig in Del Mar would be pretty spectacular for them right now.

    1. Oh yeah and Bull Taco at the beach in Cardiff. Flying Pig in Oceanside.

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        Concur with Bull Taco; we live in Carlsbad and always bring guests there. The food is ...adequate, but the ocean view and the location as a beach camping snack bar is incredible. A true San Diego location.

        Q'ero clearly the best in the neighborhood.

      2. My Lovely Tasting Assistantâ„¢ and I stopped at Yu Me Ya on the way home from San Diego a few months ago.

        It's a very friendly neighborhood izakaya with some very nicely prepared, unpretentious Japanese bar food in a cozy and friendly setting. There's some hybrid stuff going on in the menu, but we stuck with mostly traditional orders. However, even the non-traditional stuff (like the silken tofu salad) was delicious. The family is from Osaka, so we had to order the takoyaki (we were sad they didn't sell okinomiyaki but they said the kitchen is too small for it). We also ordered ordered black cod, pork sausage, scallops & mushrooms. Lots of other dishes too, but I can't remember at this point. It's a lively little neighborhood joint in an unlikely place. Make reservations, or there could be a long wait.

        Mr Taster

        1. Wonderful sushi at Kaito. He's the impressionist master of sushi in SD. Make sure to reserve at the bar w Kazuo. Ambience looks funky in this strip mall but omakase is the best.

          Qero is fantastic. We love it but reservations are needed as they do seatings.

          Monday nights just have a fun beer and burger night with live music at Craftsman. Very tasty and casual.

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          1. I would head over across to the gorgeous Rancho Valencia resort for lunch at the Pony Room in the Ranch.
            Las Olas for lunch on Sunday and then Self Realization Temple for the oceanfront gardens.
            Blue Fire for drinks and apps at La Costa resort.
            Fish tacos and margs at the Brig for everyday happy hour in Solana Beach.
            Kaito for omakase.
            Tony Jacals for Mex.
            Bull Taco in Cardiff