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Jan 7, 2014 02:53 PM

Vegan Kings Cake

I would like to make a vegan Kings Cake for a dinner party Saturday.

As I'm not a vegan myself I haven't done much vegan baking and am not familiar working with vegan doughs (other than a basic bread dough without milk or egg...but all the sweet doughs I've made have had some non-vegan item like butter, milk or egg in them).

I found this recipe on line I am planning to use

But if anyone has a tried and true recipe for a vegan sweet dough I could use for a Kings Cake maybe you wouldn't mind sharing it?

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  1. Do you already have a non vegan recipe you like? It's often very easy to swap a few ingredients- the egg replacer from your linked recipe is important, don't use a flax egg, otherwise just swap in non dairy milk and earth balance. This way you're using a recipe you know you like already....

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      I've never made a Kings Cake before so don't have a tried and true recipe. I've made cinnamon rolls, tsoureki, pulla, and korvapuusti before so have experience with sweet doughs but not a Kings Cake. For that matter, I'm not sure I've ever had a Kings Cake in the States(have had them in France but don't know if the New Orleans cakes are the same?)

      Anyway, have some friends coming Saturday and one my homesick NOLA friend. I want to make a King Cake for her and her vegan father is joining us as something new and make it vegan when I haven't done much vegan baking! It's a challenge.

      I've never worked with egg replacer nor used fats like EarthBalance in my baking. Can I sub 1:1? Any tips on how to use these product? Will the vegan butter-type products be high in water?

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        New Orleans King Cake is VERY different from a French one. If you've made cinnamon rolls vegan, just use the same dough and instead of cutting into rolls, elongate and make it oval shaped. Bake it and cover with a sugar glaze and sprinkle with green, gold, and purple sugar. That's a relatively close approximation of a standard NOLA cake.

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          For egg replacer just follow their directions for each egg you need to replace. This one is found at health foods stores and whole foods:

          And for the butter just use earth balance and swap 1:1, i've never had a problem with it.

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            OK thanks. That's helpful. I'll use a recipe I'm familiar with and do that. I did read on the Earth Balance site that the said the moisture content in the sticks was the same as butter. I've only used the spread in the tubs previously so wasn't sure how the sticks compared.

      2. King's Cakes vary widely by geographical origin; the one you've picked is a sweet yeast dough rolled out, spread with a filling. I suspect that it is the filling, the shape, and the sugar topping that make it seem like the traditional King's Cake of a particular family or region.

        Jut make a sweet yeast dough, with added sugar, or oil and homey for a dense, chewy dough. I find it hard to believe that whole wheat flour was traditional, the idea of holiday cakes is that they be fancy, e.g. white flour. If you need a recipe (i.e., if you don't bake yeast dough sweet cakes regularly,) google up a recipe for vegan stollen or vegan babke/bubke. there are lots out there.

        Them and this is key, use the filling your family thinks is traditional (or that is described as traditional in the region you come from ) and use the familiar shape of that region, and that region's style of sugar-topping.

        Don't sweat the milk/eggs/butter thing. richness can come from corn oil.

        1. I made two small Kings Cakes tonight and they turned out well.

          I didn't use the recipe I"d found and posted above but used a cinnamon roll recipe I've used in the past. Subbed in the Earth Balance sticks and almond milk. The dough was perfect and baked up well. Used tofu cream cheese in one of them...we'll eat that one tomorrow but made a second one with neufatchel that we cut tonight with some other friends. It was delicious.

          Thanks for the help!

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            Glad it all worked out for you! Vegan baking really isn't as scary as it sounds.....;))