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Jan 7, 2014 02:53 PM

ABC Bakery and Cafe on Noriega (SF)

I ate at the ABC Bakery and Cafe on Noriega last night for dinner with a few others. Mostly, the food wasn't very good. It's basically cheap, mediocre diner food. They are open until 3 AM, and I can imagine coming back here fo a late night snack. But probably won't be doing dinner again anytime soon.

The Hong Kong rice noodle rolls w/ sesame sauce were actually pretty good. Added some hot sauce. The noodles weren't overcooked, so this was a nice appetizer.

Shrimp w/ scrambled egg over "fried" noodles was bleh. Shrimp didn't taste that fresh, noodles were barely fried (no wok char whatsoever, they were barely even hot).

Others had more Western-style dishes, which I took photos of. I didn't taste the fried pork w/ rice. The pork chop cutlet w/ tomato sauce over spaghetti was comforting. The sauce tastes like ketchup (it probably is ketchup), but I sort of liked this.

Dumpling mee wasn't horrible, but I wish it had been served w/ bok choi like in the picture on the menu, and not with lettuce. Very salty broth served on the side.

The decor and service are very old-school. I hear it gets crowded late. Drinks were good: I had iced lemon tea, one DC had hot coke w/ lemon.

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  1. It was never good. I think the appeal is that it's cheap, and when they first opened the lighter Asian style cakes were more of a novelty to find. It's one of the leftover breed of Sunset places that sold cheap bad food, and packed them, often with families.

    1. Is it related to the ABC Bakery Cafe in Chinatown? The latter is one of the best HK-style cafes around, IMHO.

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        Yes, I do believe it is related. What do you order at the one in Chinatown?