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Jan 7, 2014 01:32 PM

Vegas with Mom

I am taking my mom for a quick trip for the Soul 2 Soul concert at the Venetian. We will be there for 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and one lunch. My mom can't eat a ton because of stomach issues but I am a foodie and would like to at least try some nice places. So no AYCE buffets or 10 course meals. Some place that she would feel comfy just ordering a main course for dinner and I could have 3 courses. Something lighter for lunch or someplace we could share a main course or two apps. Breakfast probably just something quick and easy like a pastry and coffee.

Oh and we are coming from D.C. so no chains and I am not really interested in a steak only place.

We will be staying at or near the Venetian.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Bouchon will fill those breakfast needs admirably, and it is in your hotel. For dinner, you could consider Carnevino as it is certainly not "Steak only," also in your hotel. If you wish to exit the Venetian, perhaps Wynn for Bartolotta or Mandarin Oriental for Twist.

    For lunch, I really enjoyed Public House at Venetian, though you could do Bouchon Brunch in that space.

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      I've only been to Carnevino once, and although the food was terrific, the noise level was out of sight. Is this usual for the restaurant, or was it just chance that we were seated next to a table of businessmen obviously on expense accounts who were imbibing many cocktails and bottles of (likely expensive) wine?

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        Thanks for the Public House recommendation. We ended up there for late night apps after our plane delayed us getting there by 5 hours and then a late lunch the following day that held us over until breakfast the next morning.

      2. You might try le cave at the wynn...
        nice tapas and lovely setting overlooking the gardend

        1. Bouchon would absolutely fill the bill for any meal…breakfast, light lunch or dinner. If you want to splurge on something more substantial for breakfast in a beautiful setting, Tableau in the Wynn is quite special…I especially love their duck hash (but it's rich), they also have many other selections (although if you had breakfast there, you might not want lunch). Bouchon is perfect for lunch, as is Public House as suggested by uhockey. If you did PH for lunch, then Bouchon would absolutely work for dinner. They have several lighter entrees for mom…excellent trout, etc. and other more substantial entrees for you. Their oysters are pretty good for Las Vegas, but I absolutely love their salmon rillettes starter (rillettes aux deux saumons). Bartolotta at the Wynn is wonderful (albeit very pricey) for Italian seafood…and as someone else mentioned, for a lighter and more casual but still very fun dinner, Le Cave also at the Wynn is good.