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Jan 7, 2014 01:09 PM

Cashew meal - ISO recipes that specifically call for it, other than korma.

Don't get me wrong, I love korma dishes. I love cashews. I don't buy the nuts because if they are in the house, resistance is futile (not so much a nerd as enamored of Patrick Stewart's voice). Trader Joe's now carries cashew meal, so I succumbed.

There's not much on CH about CM. Mainly subbing it for almond meal, which is fine to do. I imagine it can be used in cookies and crackers.
I just wonder if there are dishes in which the CM is front and center, rather than a member of the chorus. TIA

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  1. When I asked our TJ's store Mgr for some fast tips on using cashew meal he said I could use it in place of up to 50% of flour called for in a baked good recipe. So, I've used the cashew meal in banana bread, dessert pizza dough, blueberry muffins and chocolate bran muffins. A nutty flavor is quite noticeable. I'm going to keep experimenting.

    Friends that really stick to a raw food diet use cashew meal for pie crusts, thickeners, one that comes to mind that I enjoyed as their guest was a date bar.

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    1. re: HillJ

      Texture is a bit coarser than their almond meal. So far I've just used it like the almond, as a 'whole grain' add in to baked goods.

      The biggest use so far was in an orange and almond cake (a sephardic one). If I remember correctly I used 2 parts almond, 1 part cashew. But in this cake the oranges (whole cooked) dominate the flavor.

      1. re: paulj

        Something along the lines of the Nigella clementine cake, I assume. Thanks for trying to help but let me nip this one in the bud. I thought that cake was abominable. So did the dogs onto whom I attempted to foist it.

        1. re: greygarious

          This was discussed in another recent thread. I worked from the original Roden recipe (not that it originated with her), and liked it.

        2. re: paulj

          I prefer the almond meal over the cashew but I intend to make use of it in baked goods. I probably won't buy it again though.

      2. I make cashew meal pancakes with coconut syrup so delightful

        1. I'm sure you could use it to make cashew cream- its a vegan sour cream, tons of ways to flavor it. The recipe using whole nuts is this from, i would use less water initially with the cashew meal
          Cashew or Macadamia cream: (yield: 1 heaping cup)
          1 cup macadamia (or cashew) nuts, soaked in water for 2-8 hours
          11-12 tbsp water (use as needed to achieve desired consistency)
          2-3 tbsp fresh lemon juice, to taste
          fine grain sea salt, to taste (I used just over 1/4 tsp)

          Read more: (this is the recipe she had the cashew cream used in)

          I then use the cashew cream as a garnish for soup, to make creamy salad dressings, added to oatmeal.....etc

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            True, there's a great deal more ideas once you turn the meal into a cream.

            1. re: HillJ

              Good point, Throckwood and HillJ - I was wondering why TJ introduced it since it didn't seem to me that it would be as common an ingredient as almond meal. I had not thought of the vegan demographic, which could be a significant proportion of TJ customers.

              OT - On last weekend's Prairie Home Companion, GK riffed about the extreme cold, checking in on people to make sure they're okay, including the 5 or so vegans in LW, who, "of course, are NOT okay. They meander aimlessly and we have to round them up to stuff some fish sticks into them to get them sorted out", I paraphrase, but it's pretty close.

              1. re: greygarious

                Sounds like a bizarre episode....!

                I had another thought- it would be perfect for homemade larabars! I make them often, swapping around the nuts and sometimes half dates and half other dried fruit. This link has the basic "recipe", i made the coconut version into little balls that were great snacks

            2. re: Ttrockwood

              Similar to a cream, I make a cashew salsa that I shamelessly swiped from Alex Stupak at Empellon around the corner from me:

              That recipe calls for straight-up cashews but if the meal doesn't have any thickeners or stabilizers or anything you should be able to substitute the meal 1:1. It's darn good as is but I like to thrown in an arbol or two and just a squirt of agave syrup in place of a little of the sugar 1:1 (which will reduce the sweetness slightly).

              The stuff goes with darn near everything you'd want to have a salsa around for.

            3. Cashew meal immediately brings to my mind Sans Rival cake, which alternates layers of cashew dacquoise with buttercream. If you like Indian sweets, you should be able to quickly put together cashew barfi with the cashew meal, sugar and clarified butter/ghee.

              For something less traditional, I'd consider breading chicken breasts in a combination of panko and cashew meal for Chinese or Polynesian dishes. Vegan cashew cheese should also be on your radar.

              1. Ive used the cashew meal from TJs in a shortbread recipe from melissa clark and it worked really really well. The cookies disappeared in a trice. Her recipe calls for about half a cup of nuts(have also made with pistachio) but i used about a cup of the meal and reduced the flour by half a cup. I wanted to top each shortbread cookie with a salted cashew half - i imagine it would go well. I can see a delicious kaju katri being made from this meal - indian sweet - that puts cashew front and center.

                Other than these two, i add it to my usual kadhai paneer recipe.