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Jan 7, 2014 01:01 PM

Toledo Visit in january for one night

Overnight trip to Toledo this month arrive monday fly out tuesday. Staying near Levis Commons. Looking for local spots, no national chains.

Need a lunch spot after my flight lands, a dinner spot and a lunch spot near Whitehouse, OH. Open to all kinds of food

a few places i read about were Stella's, Mancy's and Domo(is this open on monday?). thoughts?

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  1. In Perrysburg, right across from Levis Commons, is a relatively new gastropub called Social (Toledo Blade review is at I haven't been there yet, but my folks have and they raved about the food.

    You also can't go wrong with Tony Packo's for lunch -- there are several locations and the original (Consul St.) location and the one by the ballpark aren't terribly far from the airport.

    If price isn't a concern, Mancy's has a location called Bluewater Grill that's in Maumee (fairly near to where you're staying) that is quite good. There are some new places in downtown Maumee that have really interesting menus.

    I can't really help with Whitehouse, other than to steer you away from the Whitehouse Inn. I had a lousy meal there and will not be back.

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      That's Consaul St. for the original Packo's (yes, it's kind of a trip), if you're using a map program. Go up there after dark and you'll see a beautiful bridge (can't miss it).

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        Meh...whitehouse inn isn't a foodie place but they make a damned good prime rib and the home fries are excellent. If you're looking for fancy nuanced flavor sits not a choice but if you want a giant hunk of flavorful prime rib it's a real good choice. And just about your only choice in whitehouse.

        Around where you're staying social is quite good. Tekela is a New Mexican joint that has real good food and great margaritas/tequila selection. Nagoya is awesome for Japanese hibachi and about as good as you're going too get sushi in Toledo.

        I'd also recommend swig in downtown perrysburg for the best beer selection in the area, the best fries in the area, and great charcuterie and bar food.

        Other favorites in the are to look up (depending what type of eating your looking for) are revolution grille, registry bistro, Mancy's blue water or steakhouse, golden lily, San Marcos, and 5th street pub.

        The nice thing about Toledo is you're probably no more than 15-20 mins from any restaurant in the area when you stay by Levi's commons. Any more specifics on the type of food or dining you wanted be happy to give more suggestions.

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          Hammb - Has Tekela gotten better? I went there about a year ago and had one of the worst service experiences of my life. On top of that, once we got the food (after a wait that I only endured because we had a 1-year-old and a 93-year-old in our party, otherwise I would have gotten up and left) it was incredibly underwhelming for the price. We've tried the Mexican place down by Churchill's twice and I'm in no hurry to go back there.

          I'll have to put Nagoya on the list to try next time I'm down.

          1. re: Mouseman_

            Well I will start with the caveat that my favorite thing about Tekela is their happy hour. 4-6, 7 days a week they do half price on all apps and alcohol. They have a good tequila selection and some of their high end margaritas for half price are well worth a visit.

            As to the service I agree 100% I have never gotten good service there. That's a major negative to the place. The bartenders are fine, but servers have been sub par on all three visits.

            As for the food I usually stick to the street tacos and if you ASK for the salsa that is listed in the menu to come with them (I'm batting .000 on ever having it voluntarily provided) I think they're pretty good tacos. The app menu has some good things as well. It's not mind blowing Mexican food, but in a city that is inundated with Mexican joints I think the food is among the better. San Marcos, however, is by far the best in the area (if you can handle authentic Mexican versus Americanized).

            The other place you're taking about is el vaquero. I like their chips and salsa but otherwise feel the menu is your standard American Mexican food with ground beef and cheese everywhere. I like it but wouldn't go out of my way to eat there or recommend it.

      2. I strongly recommend Bangkok Kitchen in Maumee on Dussel Drive for great Thai, lunch or dinner. We had a very nice dinner recently at Bluewater Grill, also on Dussel and you can get a good Mancy's steak there if you don"t want seafood. These are pretty close to where you are staying. There are several places in Levis Commons, including Nagoya for Japanese/sushi. I can't think of anything near Whitehouse.