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Jan 7, 2014 12:58 PM

Houston Day Trip

I will be in town for a one day trip and am looking for a good local lunch spot near the 610-290 interchange. No national chains please. love all kinds of food, mid price point($10-20 per person).

live in dallas....

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  1. I like Captain Benny's on 290 just outside 610. The oysters on the half shell are great this this time of year. I also like the fried oysters and whole fried catfish. Po-Boys are a good value. The gumbo is not classic Louisiana style, more of a soup, but is hits the spot on a cold day.

    1. Himalaya Indian restaurant at 59 and Hillcroft

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        salesgirl119 stated 610 and 290. With 610 traffic 59 and Hillcroft might as well be on the moon. Tampico Seafood Mexicana on Airline is reasonably close.

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          Also close to 610 and 290 are Vieng Thai and Thai Lanna. I know people have discussed both on the board before, so you should be able to find some info if you search for those names. Many people think Vieng Thai is one of the best in Houston (though it's not my favorite). FYI, it's divey.

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            Both very close; I'm one of the one's that likes Vieng Thai a lot (much better than Thai Lanna.

            In the same strip center is El Hidalguense. Used to hear a lot about this place that features the cuisine of the Mexican state of Hidalgo, especially their cabrito and consomme de borrego. Haven't heard much in recent years and reviews on Yelp are middling.

            Longpoint is one of our best food streets. Toward the west end is Korea Town with lots of choices but probably a very expensive cab ride. I'm trying to think of more things on the east end of the street but coming up blank right now.

      2. There's a branch of Frank's Grill (local mini-chain) at 1915 Magnum Road. Traditional and slightly scruffy diner but they do decent chicken fried steak and the homemade biscuits are excellent.

        It's "cheap and cheerful" rather than "mid price point" but it's only half a mile from the 610/290 interchange.

        1. The last few posts of this recent thread are about that area:

          Not my part of town so not familiar. Are you looking for a place for you and your colleagues, a business lunch?

          1. Here's a new one that's close. I've not only never been, I've never heard of it before.


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              For those that didn't click the link, please do. Chicken fried steak at a Vietnamese place, looks great but that gravy has to be on the side. This place looks great and not too far from me. Thanks, brucesw.

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                JC, did you ever go here?

                I just looked at bruce's link and the spot's website, , and this definitely looks like my kinda place.

                I'll be doing this soon.

                1. re: DoobieWah

                  Never went in fact I totally forgot about. I'll bounce it off the wifeacita, but right now she's craving pozole, any suggestions.

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                    I've heard good things about the pozole at El Big Bad downtown.