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guardian service pots

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what to use for cleaning, grease residue, my mom turned them upside down on the stove to clean them, is there any other way, just purchased some from a yard sale?????


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  1. I would suggest a blue 3M scrubbie with dish soap or Bon Ami. Or simply 000 or 0000 steel wool.

    What you *don't* want to use is oven cleaner, BKF, or other strongly acidic products.

    Also, a key with aluminum is to learn to love the dull-ish grey patina that naturally develops, and not expect it to keep a high polish. This patina (a passivation layer) protects the pan from wear, and your food from being discolored or misflavored.

    Guardian Service is good stuff.


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      Boy, does that bring back memories. Guardian Ware is all my mother used. She had the whole set, I think.

      I concur on the steel wool. You don't need to spit-shine it anyway.