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Jan 7, 2014 12:28 PM

San Juan--what do you think of these choices?

After some research, I've narrowed down dining to these restaurants. We are staying at El Convento for 5 nights in February so I've chosen places convenient to the hotel I think.
Jose Enrique
Rosa Triana

We want to have fish, seafood and vegetarian choices and want to sample a variety of cuisines. Thanks for your help.

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  1. We stayed at the El Convento two years ago and loved it. I can't help with your restaurant selections although we considered least two of them, we went a little more casual.

    I am posting to say not to miss the nightly wine and cheese party at the hotel. The selections were quite nice, I was really, pleasantly surprised. It is on the roof deck, a nice way to start the evening.

    1. Marmalade is awesome. Good call to avoid Dragonfly, food is secondary to the lounge scene.

      I also highly recommend the unpretentious (bit divey actually) but awesome Punto de Vista (next to the cruise ship terminal). It's run by a food-lover from NJ that does a great skirt steak but also one of the few edible mofungos in San Juan. Margaritas are in plastic cups but are better than anything I have ever been able to make (even with an immersion blender - horrible idea to use one while drinking though).

      1. Jose Enrique is very good but no reservations. Prepare for a wait which really isnt an issue since you are in placita and have lots of places to kill some time. Santaella is in the same area also good with a better atmosphere. There are two other great restaurants in placita worth considering, el pescador which has the best seafood in sj and Vittorino which is one of my favorite italian places in sj. Only problem is they stop seating people around 7:45

        Sofia I believe closed down. If you want pizza or italian there are better options anyways such as the aforementioned Vittorino. If looking for pizza there is a place on San Francisco next to Douglas pub that is good and Pizza Y Birra in El Convento is also nice.

        Marmalade is very good and will hit all 3 of the cuisine choices you list. Their black truffle pasta is one of the best dishes in PR.

        Another very good/local seafood place is La Cueva Del Mar. They just opened a location in OSJ which i have never been to but the one on Calle Loiza is great.

        1. Since it's February hopefully you are in sunny PR and missed the snowstorm.

          Marmalade was one of the best meals we had the last time we were in PR. Not inexpensive. Defer to hounds who may have been more recently.

          We usually go to El Convento and have drinks and tapas. I always wanted to stay there. Great location in OSJ, where we always seem to end up for dinner.

          We enjoy Carli's. Not on the same level of a Marmalade or Chef Alex. It feels like home to us. And Carli on the piano can't be beat.

          Our experiences:

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            We rarely eat out in OSJ, so I can't recommend anyplace there. I would recommend the following:
            1. Upscale contemporary cuisine: Augusto's, 1919
            2. Spanish: Compostela
            3. Italian : Pinoli ( although it is a bit off beaten track)
            4. Contemporary Latino: Laurel, Santaella
            5. PR cuisine: Jose Enrique, lively atmosphere, Food and Wine best new chefs 2013
            6. Happy hour: Morton's , great food specials from 6-7.
            Santaella also has great drinks..

          2. Maybe Baru?

            I thought I read someplace it's now closed . . .