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Jan 7, 2014 12:06 PM

Edulis, Actionolite, The Grove, Bero or!

I (mid-40's) do an annual dinner with a client/friend (mid-60's). In the past we have been to Nota Bene, Opus, Buena Nota, Senhor Antonio, Harbord Room, Provence, and others..this year thinking about the above...any opinions/preferences, comments...thanks in advance.

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  1. I've been to all four - and only one (Actinolite) was in my top 10 for 2013. But, honestly, most of the places you mention are more upscale than any of the 4 captioned places. All are essentially chef-operated, with service friendly rather than formal.
    If conversation is important, then I'd rank in 'conversation-friendly' order as
    Actinolite, Bero, Edulis, Grove.
    All have relatively limited menus/alternatives, with Actinolite being the 'most seasonal'.

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      Thought I'd add that parking-friendly order is the same as conversation-friendly order (Actinolite, Bero, Edulis, Grove).

    2. I've done the tasting menu with drink pairings at Actinolite and it was amazing. One of my favourite meals I've had in the city, and the atmosphere and service were excellent. Not as upscale as some you've mentioned, but it's not overly loud or too casual - it's a nice spot.

      1. Thanks for the replies...not looking for upscale...just looking for good food in a nice environment. Thought about Richmond Station but am heading there with another group in 2 weeks so wanted something different. Like the idea of a tasting menu. also though about Bar Isabel, was there last month, but the only time I could get on the night needed was 8:45. Any other suggestions?

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          Can't really argue with any of the ones you've suggested so far but if you're looking for more how about Bestellen?

                1. re: justxpete

                  Ok I haven't been - Toronto Life review says it is!

                  1. re: estufarian

                    I've never noticed any communal tables despite having been there numerous times.

                    As you can see from this picture, these are individual tables that are adjusted based on reservations - as with any other restaurant:


                    I guess the two 6-tops here might be used as communal tables occasionally?


                    I'm not certain those 6-tops exist anymore, however. I hope I remember to check next time.

                    Have the Côte de Boeuf, and thank me later!

                    1. re: justxpete

                      I second the cote de boeuf. I'm a very selective red meat eater and it is stellar.

                      1. re: JennaBean

                        It's still my favourite serving of steak in the city.

                        I do need to get myself back to Jacobs & Co, however. So damn great.