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Jan 7, 2014 11:10 AM


Does anyone make mendo the old fashion way anymore; using anchor chili pod peppers? Most use chili powder - not the same. Looking for some good tasting mendo without the honeycomb looking stuff.

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      1. If this query does mean "menudo", is not the tripe an essential feature (i.e. the honeycomb stuff). I've not seen any versions without it.

        1. Yes! I meant Menudo but wasn't able to make corrections.

          1. Anchor chile pods? Do you mean ANCHO chile pods? And how could it be MENUDO without tripe?



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            1. re: sqwertz

              My money is on auto correct as the culprit behind anchor chili and mendo.

              I'm not a menudo eater but still am pretty certain it is defined by the inclusion of tripe. Hence, I'm not a menudo eater ;-)

              OP, I believe there have been at least a couple of threads here devoted to places to find good menudo.

              1. re: sqwertz

                I usually cook a big batch of meaty menudo in January and freeze it flat in ziplocs. I checked the third-world HEB's the last two days and honeycomb is $2.68/lb! Regular tripe at $2.19/lb. Shit used to be cheaper than that. Even the pigs heads were $.89/lb! <sigh>