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Jan 7, 2014 11:08 AM

Looking for the Best Burgers in NH

What makes a good burger in your book? Great bun, fresh-ground beef, creative mix of toppings, cooking method ... or the gestalt of all of the above. Please let me know where you have found the burger worth going back to. This is for publication in the March issue of New Hampshire Magazine. Thanks.

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  1. The meat has to be the star and at May Kelly's Irish Pub in North Conway, it is that.

    I am partial to their Irish Mixed Grille which is a platter of steak tips, sausages (black and white), bacon and other savories, but when it comes to burgers in NH, you can't beat their Celtic Cheeseburger.

    It's a generous half pound of freshly ground beef topped with Irish bacon, local cheddar, tomato chutney, and it's served on an slightly sweet Irish muffin. It's not fussy. Like all good Irish food, it's simple, honest and heavenly.

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      Sounds good, will have to check this out.

    2. Buckley's in Merrimack has lots of great burgers. I don't think I could choose just one.

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        Hope they are still made from trimmings from their aged beef.

      2. Murph burger at Murphys in Hanover!

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          Hmmm. I heard that someone is duplicating the great burger over at Pine at the Hanover Inn. Maybe it's Murphy's. Is the burger really juicy and topped with bacon and shredded fried onions?

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            No, they are different, but Pine is quite good too. And the Murph burger has been around far longer than Pines.

        2. Wild Rover Pub in Manchester NH.

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