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Jan 7, 2014 11:06 AM

Festivals, Events

I've been to New Orleans twice in the past 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed both visits, although they were both WAY too brief.
I am thinking of returning this spring/summer and have a question. Can someone list some of the premier events/festivals that are worth planning a visit around? I know about Mardi Gras and the Jazz festival , but what are some other events that would make it worth planning a trip. Food type events are what I'm thinking about, but other suggestions would be welcome too. And really, they could be anywhere around New Orleans or southern LA. I'm hoping to drag my motorcycle down with me and do some riding while we are there so we will be mobile.
Thanks for any ideas.
I am thinking of a May to September range.

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  1. Any La Tourism outfit can list these and some are in weather too hot to enjoy, in my view. But off the top of my head there's the Oyster Festival in Amite, The jambalaya Festival in Gonzales, the Smoked Meats Festival in Ville Platte/Plaisance. because Easter is so late this year you'd ALMOST catch the Laotian New Year over in Broussard.

    But there is always some kind of festival going on. After the summer, though, it picks up and the gumbo contest in new Iberia goes off, Sugar Cane Festival etc etc etc.

    1. Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival May 2-3-4

      It can be very hot. ~ Light clothing highly recommended. ~
      Lawn type chairs a big plus. ~ Figure on a 2 hour ride one way.

      1. Festival International in Lafayette, April 23-27, is well worth a trip.

        1. Hogs for the Cause now expanded to two days. March 28-29 at City Park.

          1. Thanks for the recomendations. Keep them coming:)
            I did go to a couple of tourism sites for Louisianna and got some ideas there as well, but you never really know whether some of the 'festivals' are really worth attending, thus the reason I asked for some help here. Its nice to get input from people who have actually attended these events.
            Hopefully the timing will be such that I can plan to visit while there are a couple of things happening.
            Also, I don't mind the heat. I mentioned we had visited twice, and both times were in July and August. Killer hot, but thats ok. :)

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              Gretna Heritage Festival in the beginning of October is always a good time.