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Jan 7, 2014 10:12 AM

What's the best place to get some good food at the DFW airport?

Got a layover at DFW...any ideas on where to eat GOOD food?

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  1. There's both a Grand Hyatt and a Hyatt regency at DFW. Both are just outside security but have decent food.

    1. Terminal D has some decent spots inside security.

        1. If you have time, the restaurant at the Grand Hyatt is pretty good. I had a mediation there not too long ago (to accommodate adjusters flying in from out of town) and had lunch with my clients. Nice sit down lunch with good soups, sandwiches and a few more substantial entrees. I wouldn't drive out there just to eat, but it's the best food I've had in the airport.

          On a more general note, a good resource to have is the iPhone app GateGuru. It allows flyers to rate airport restaurants and lists their proximity to your gate. It's not perfect since it shares the flaws of all crowd sourced review sites (everybody like different things, etc.), but it beats nothing by a wide margin.