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Jan 7, 2014 09:00 AM

Carbone's recently?

Has anyone been to Carbone's in Hartford of late? We are thinking of heading there with my parents for a special birthday celebration. We are a mixture of pescatarians and meat-eaters, and are hoping for a quiet (important for one individual with hearing challenges), high quality meal with good service. I haven't been in about 30 years.......

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  1. We went during their birthday celebration in November with another couple and had the special menu. It was absolutely wonderful. Food and service were top notch. Portion size was generous. It made us wonder why we don't go more often. However, I cannot remember about the noise level. They do have several different dining area, some small, so I imagine they could put you in a quiet spot.

    1. Carbone's is still a very good restaurant. It's not among my favorites in the greater Hartford area, but it is what it is, and is beloved by many.

      The service is superb. There are quiet areas but be sure you're not seated near the lively bar.

      I guess I'm just tired of this kind of Italian-American restaurant. It's not terribly innovative and it's rather expensive. Not a good value.

      1. We were there in December and it was excellent as always. The veal was wonderful as was the beef. I do not think you can go wrong there. Jay