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Jan 7, 2014 08:27 AM

Goumanyat et son Royaume, spices in 3e

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  1. It's interesting but IMHO a bit precious.

    1. Funny thing, I was just once again reading about this shop in a back issue of Saveur magazine from 2005. There was a feature article about Chef and author David Tanis based in his Paris apartment in the 5th, and he cited this shop as one of his fave places to shop in Paris. (The article was written and produced by Dorothy Kalins and Christopher Hirsheimer.)

      I believe I also read a piece about this shop a few years ago on David Lebovitz's blog. (And if I remember, it was David Tanis who took him to this shop.)

      1. I'm a bit surprised by the "discovery"... it's very well known, gets lots of coverage and mentions in French mags/ blogs, and supplies a galaxy of super-star chefs. The maison is pretty historic and has emphasized its age and venerability by re-creating a shop that seems far older than it actually is (mid-1990s). And it is breathtakingly expensive... I love to browse but rarely buy except a pinch of saffron or some madagascar vanilla.

        It is located in one of my favourite little patches of Paris. Lots of art galleries and trendy shops. And Le Barav bar à vins, l'Ilot oyster bar, Café Crème, Mary Gelateria, and Goumanyat for sipping, munching, posing, tasting and sniffing all within a few minutes of each other in a charming triangle of picturesque side-streets. Almost a self-contained little universe.

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          It was mentioned today in a CNN article. Well, the NYT is usually late to the ball, too! :) I did not previously post the entire article since little refers to food, with much given over to the famous dead rat store.

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            Strangely, the only tourists I see there in any great number or regularity are Japanese. So it seems that CNN and the NYT need to learn a few lessons from Asia when it comes to covering Paris.

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              Agree with all, old news, new customers.