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Jan 7, 2014 05:27 AM

Chowhound New Year's Resolutions

I just realized (since everyone has been asking) that I hadn't picked any New Year's resolutions, so:

1) Loose 10 pounds

2) Eat more oysters (they are only 57 calories, right?)

3) Go to Marigold Kitchen


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  1. Eat more duck!

    Also, add at least 50 new recipes to my cooking repertoire.

    1. Restaurant New Years Resolutions (to try):

      1) Marigold Kitchen
      2) Avance (ended up not going on NYE, they wanted $185pp)
      3) Fitler Dining Room
      4) Talula's Daily
      5) Little Nona's
      6) Strangelove's
      7) Brauhaus Schmitz
      8) Dandelion
      9) Pub & Kitchen

      And eat at Noord more often.

      Damn, there goes the diet.

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      1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

        There we go, l do not agree on one of these, and you can add Vedge, Laurel, Sbraga,Ela, and Serpico as no's also. So There !

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          But you like Cheesesteaks and cheer for a team that has never won the Super Bowl. So There!

          (It's a list of hyped places I want to try that I haven't been, so I can't express an opinion on any of them yet.)

          1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

            l like hoagies, tolerate cheesesteaks, and root for no teams.
            So so there !

              1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                Prefer pulled pork at DiNic's to his roast pork or John's roast pork.

          2. re: Delucacheesemonger

            But you only like 3 restaurants in Philly (sandwich/pizza places excluded), one of which is really in NJ.

        2. 1) Lose, not loose, 20 pounds more, 15 off so far.
          2) Oysters have @ 10-15 calories each, l eat a ton of them already. At Grand Central Oyster Bar had three dozen of the XL blue points a few weeks ago, just wonderful.
          3) Do not go to Marigold Kitchen.

          We so differ on what we want in a restaurant menu l am amazed we ever like the same place.

          1. Mine is to eat more bbq. There is an urgency in this for me as bbq places don't seem to last long in my neck of the woods. R.I.P. bbq usa and smoke daddys. Today the planets aligned and I got to pick where to eat! Suckers! You would think they would know by now that my car would point straight to Jesse's:
            Even in this cold Jesse was out there chopping wood and keeping the smoker going. The delightful back porch was not an option for dining this day but oh my gosh! Jesse and company are still bringing it. We lucked into smashed potatoes and sweet potato fries as side options. One bite of the smashed potatoes and the winter just seemed to fade to spring. But the sweet potato fries! I could hear the angels sing.
            Oh yeah bbq. He he! Well I cannot resist the smoked wings. They smoke them and then finish with a quick fry so they are crackling crisp but with that intoxicating smoke. My friend has a bit of a sore throat and found the root beer on tap soothing. Of course we got the corn bread and he got the smoked chicken leg and thigh. Best of all I still have a portion of bread pudding awaiting me for my late night snack. It's late now right? Right?
            I'm so glad I went. I was a different woman walking out. Warmed to the core and content. Jesse was still out there with his smoker and thanked us for stopping by. I wonder if I can get back there tomorrow?

            1. I resolve to carry less loose change, never pump my own gas (good thing I live in Jersey) and refuse to refill ice cube trays. Resolutions must be attainable so I shoot low.

              Oh, and eat at per se

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              1. re: shoeman

                The last one is one resolution we should all make.