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Jan 7, 2014 04:40 AM

quiet restaurant near Boston Opera House

7 ladies going this Saturday to BOH. Have 80 yr. old mom who can't walk very far..Looking for moderately priced restaurant that's not crazy loud.
American/Italian fare desirable..thanks!

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  1. Salvatore's is right next door, Italian-American, not crazy-loud. Unfortunately, it's not very good, either.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I saw that place..wasn't sure what it was all about...mixed reviews. And we're a bunch of food snobs, so might have to look elsewhere....ever been inside the Hyatt for food?

      1. re: tinpan

        I remember when I was a wee lad thinking I should save up my nickels to dine at the restaurant there, Le Marquis de Lafayette, helmed by a talented up-and-comer named J-G Vongerichten, but I didn't.

        What's there now, Avenue One, looks like a typical dull, overpriced hotel restaurant. But it is close and almost certainly quiet. At those prices, I suspect Artisan Bistro around the corner at the Ritz would be a better bet.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          been so long since I worked in town, everything has changed so much. I thought Locke Obers was still there:-)

    2. lunch or dinner? pre or post matinee, evening performance?

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        1. re: tinpan

          you did not answer my question. are you looking for pre matinee or post matinee dining?

          1. re: Bellachefa

            I did respond - not sure why you're not receiving...
            anyway 2pm matinee..thank you.

        2. re: Bellachefa

          not sure my reply went thru....we seeing a 2pm matinee..

          1. re: tinpan

            I think she is asking if you are eating before or after the show…


            1. re: hungrytommy

              Asked and answered upstream: early dinner (after) around 5pm

              Oops my bad, was downthread, but I looged in without id and it showed up on top.

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                Aah - now I see it down below this subthread...

        3. Teatro is about a 2 block walk (Tremont Street to Washington). It's a bit pricier than you may want but it might fit the bill. Certainly better food than Salvatore. I would also check with Da Vinci: I think they valet your car and it would be a very short cab ride from there to the opera and back.

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            1. re: teezeetoo

              I agree re: Teatro. That's the way to go. And I think the prices are pretty reasonable too. As I recall the pasta mains can be ordered as half-sizes.

              It's really disappointing that the food in restauraunts nearest BOH (sip, Salvatore's, Back Deck) is so blah.

              ETA: Teatro opens at 5pm, so may be too late.
              Stoddards opens earlier and a table there may do the trick. I've enjoyed their pretzels, deviled eggs, fondue, and beef tartare. The chef told me they make their own pasta, but I haven't been there in many moons.

              1. re: Niblet

                Teatro is too pricy....
                I saw Stoddards, but didn't know much about it...I'll look at that one too.
                thanks for the info:-)

                1. re: tinpan

                  I wouldn't say Stoddard's is quiet... that early in the day it may be, but I've been there and had trouble hearing over the din, and it's a bit too loud for me.

                  You could also check out 49 Social - the food isn't amazing, but it's quiet and has a nice atmosphere.

                  1. re: addiez

                    I wouldn't say that Stoddards is any more affordable then Teatro, which has been deemed too expensive. Perhaps the Intermission Tavern which is owned by a stagehand. Can't vouch for the food thoooou

            2. Is Marliave too far? It's usually pretty quiet in there.

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              1. re: LeoLioness

                If Marliave wasn't too far, it would be my pick too. I had a great late brunch in the upstairs dining room. The room was so nice and festive and everyone was very happy with their meals.

                1. re: LeoLioness

                  no, but don't think they have that place.
                  thanks for the reply!

                2. You've mentioned that you're going to a matinee. Are you looking for lunch before the performance, or an early dinner afterwards?

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