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Jan 6, 2014 10:49 PM

HuffPo: 10 Cheeses You Are Probably Pronouncing Wrong

"There is a cheese we've never seen, or a cheese we've been desperate to try, but the name is so unpronounceably crazy that we don't even know how to ask for it."

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  1. Loved that, Melanie, thanks for sharing. I had to laugh. I knew this <This well-loved Dutch cheese is most frequently pronounced GOO-duh in the US. If you want to nail the real Dutch pronunciation, it's pronounced GHOW-da (with the GH making the same kind of noise in your throat you do when you say challah). We don't blame you if you stick to what you know on this one.> HAD to be in the list. I once worked for a Dutchman who informed me of my mispronunciation. But according to him, the sound is not quite the same as for Challah. (But who really cares?)

    1. I think the only one that stumped me was the Ossau.

      But then I grew up in Europe, where speaking multiple languages (or at least being able to properly pronounce furr'n names) is pretty common.

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      1. re: linguafood

        As a Canuck I have the advantage of nine years of French in tackling some of those names. Not to mention working in a cheese shop lo those many years ago. We had silly names for all the cheeses too, which I have to be careful I don't use in public to this day. And of course some of those names were derived from (you guessed it) customers mangling nomenclature when they ordered. A nice wedge of gooey Brye (rhymes with rye) anyone?

        1. re: grayelf

          Yeah, I had two years of French in HS -- not that that comes even close to your proficiency -- but honestly, if I were confronted with this name without knowing its provenance, I would be stumped.

          Once I found out it was French, it was kind of a no-brainer, even tho it's still an unusually named French cheese.

      2. Caciocavallo is more like 2 syllables: Katcho-cavallo, accent on the 1st.

        1. I got them all, even the Basque one, though I don't speak Euskera (Basque). I happened to know that cheese. Not fair, as I'm French and Italian speaking (since childhood), and have happened to do some extended stays in the Netherlands in recent years (no, not trying marijuana, but cheese, yes).

          I might have more trouble with some Nordic cheeses, and certainly some Slavic ones.

          Some of the approximate pronunciation in English shown is really crappy. Reblochon has no shawn, more like "shown" but one doesn't really pronounce the final n as in English.