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New non-dairy hot cocoa

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Have you tried the new cuppa-Joe non-dairy hot chocolate? I tasted it at kosherfest, but it seems that it is only now hitting the shelves. Seems a much better product than things made with non-dairy creamers.... has anyone tried it? I expect to see it in some meat restaurants

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  1. Plain cocoa is generally parve. Add sugar and soy/almond milk and you're good to go. I haven't heard of this new brand, but I'm not sure why its existence would suddenly make restaurants start to offer it.

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      Agreed all around. I've made some darn good parve hot chocolate with almond milk and melted dark chocolate.

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        True, but lots of things that can easily be made at home also come in pre-mixed versions. A packaged, certified kosher, parve hot-chocolate that is delicious sounds good to me.

        1. re: AdinaA

          Yeah, yeah. I didn't mean to pooh-pooh it entirely. I just think it's probably basically just cocoa and sugar, so the plain flavor is probably not really worth it. But I can't find ingredients so I don't really know...

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            I bought a flavored (malted milk) hot cocoa that's parve at target. Archer farms brand. No fake ingredients, just basically cocoa and sugar.

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              Was about to recommend the peppermint hot cocoa from archer farms. It's par eve and so good

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                So what do you need to add to it? If all it is is cocoa and sugar, what's the advantage of buying it? Why not just add sugar to cocoa yourself? I see the advantage of milchig packets, because then all you have to add is water, but if you already have to add the milk/soymilk, why not just buy cocoa itself, which is probably cheaper than the packets.

                1. re: queenscook

                  Because I can rip open the packet, dump half into a mug, push a button on the keurig and have hot cocoa.

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                    So there's no "milky" component? Just cocoa powder, sugar, and water? I would think the taste would be "harsh," for lack of a better word.

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                      It has "flavorings." And I add a splash of milk.
                      I know it's not healthy/fancy or even appealing...but it works for me and I like it

          2. What exactly is it? Do you just add hot water to it (as you do with the dairy instant packets)?