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Kosher meals on Delta BusinessElite

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It's been years since I've flown on Delta, usually going American. In a few weeks, however, I'm flying JFK to LAX on Delta Business Elite and am wondering about the quality of the kosher meals? I dream of the day it will be possible to order a kosher dairy or vegetarian meal, but until then, I'llntake what I can get.

This is a Night flight, by the way, so I'm assuming its dinner. Breakfast would be better, for me, at least.

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  1. I don't know about delta. But I was just on Singapore air's site and they offer kosher vegetarian as a meal option.

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      Unrelated to the original post, but I just wanted to say that adding a small bottle of chardonnay was a nice touch with the Singapore meal. Even if it was a Brooklyn caterer instead of hermolis, it was at least nice to have wine with the rest of the passengers.

    2. Eat before.

      Delta (any class) does not offer Kosher meals for domestic flights in the US.


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        This is incurrent. Delta does offer meal services on Business Elite transcontinental flights. ie JFK-LAX

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            O but they do. I have mind confirmed for my upcoming trip.

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              I stand corrected then. When a colleague of mine requested one a while back, Delta said "no".

      2. You may want to see if there is a Hindu option. /This would be vegetarian but a little spicy.

        1. As others have said, Delta doesn't do domestic kosher meals at all. The only American airline to do so is American in Business and First, and then only LAX/SFO to JFK/MIA.

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            Wrong and wrong.


            And FYI United also offers meals in BusinessFirst on transcontinental flights.

          2. You may want to check directly with Delta. Here's what I could find online:
            For economy class http://www.delta.com/content/www/en_U...: "Coast-to-Coast
            For flights between New York and one of three cities on the West coast (Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angeles) you can expect breakfast from 5:00 am to 8:59 am and lunch/dinner is available from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm."

            Re kosher meals, they say: "Special Meals

            Gluten-free? Kosher? Diabetic? No problem. We accommodate seventeen different special meals. These special meals are available in First Class and Economy Class on flights where complimentary meal service is offered. This page has a full list of meals available with a complete description of what you will be served. Be sure to specify which meal meets your need...Please make all special meal requests through My Trips at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure. Once you check in, let the gate agent and a flight attendant know that you ordered a special meal."

            And here: http://www.delta.com/components/popup...

            1. Eat before. You're in NYC- bring something good!

              1. Please report back on the meal. Im going Presidents' Day weekend and I'm pretty curious.

                1. We're flying United to Hawaii...no Kosher meals. In fact, no meals at all. Seriously???

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                    Ya I agree. Only economy flight to HNL that has meal services is Hawaiian and they don't even offer special meals last I checked.

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                      The Delta site claims rhey offer kosher meals bw JFK and LAX. I will call them to confirm.

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                        They do. And you can select the kosher meal when you pull up your reservation ok the website. Meal requests are under "special request".

                  2. I have personally received kosher meals in first class domestically on Delta when i was upgraded in advance in the last 3 months. Wasnt bad at all (OU)

                    Breakfast was a bagel with cheese and some spreads with fruits
                    Dinner was either a roll with some fish type stuff (meh)or a turkey hero sandwich with eggplant in marinara sauce, and chocolate moose (very good is somewhat frozen if you ask me).

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                      Even though I've placed an order for a kosher meal, i really don't want to eat meat so I might nibble at the accomaniements like the roll, but think I will bring my own food. Ideally, i want light and sairy, so will pack a cheese sandwich, but would love to bring yogurt. TSA forbids this, but I'd buy it in the termibal if its available. Anyone know if kosher yogurt or cottage cheese s avaiable in the Delta terminal?

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                        The food court when you get into the terminal (assuming you're in terminal 4) should have packaged yogurts. I would also love to be able to order kosher vegetarian meals. I once got some sort of pareve pasta dish, so I always check under the foil just in case. I'm pretty sure that was on virgin atlantic LHR to JFK, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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                          I believe they have chobani but not 100% sure

                    2. I just flew on United and Lufthansa Business class, bumped twice out of 4 legs on a trip to/from Israel.

                      The United flight within the US had a cereal and milk breakfast, not specifically kosher but a recognized national brand.

                      The Lufthansa flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt had an elaborate meal that was probably nicer than the kosher meal in coach. Oddly enough it came from somewhere in Europe, not Israel.

                      The other two flights (transatlantic) were in coach but I did get two meals each time.

                      Singled out for scorn is the snack I received an hour before we were about to land in the US. A small dish of tuna and two small slices of salami that I couldn't bring myself to eat.

                      Because of the bump I was invited to sit in the Dan lounge in Tel Aviv and I was sufficiently tired that it didn't occur to me that all of the food was kosher. When I got to Frankfurt where a meal would have been nice, there was nothing I felt comfortable eating except fruit and diet Coke.

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                        There used to be a kosher vending machine in the Frankfurt terminal; I don't know whether it's still there.

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                          unfortunately I read about it after I had already changed terminals and was all curled up in a lounge chair.

                          I would have been a good 'Hound and checked it out, really, but I had a sandwich from Israel and a diet Coke and ....

                      2. Flyertalk is probably a better place to ask about this. You should try the Delta forum (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta-...) or the Religious Traveler forum (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/religi...). Search for "KSML" (Kosher special meal) or ask.

                        I'm curious about the answer.