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I just bought the cookbook "Jerusalem".

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Any favorites I shouldn't miss?

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  1. I just got it for Christmas. I have been lurking around on the COTM threads.

    1. Make the chicken with clementines and arak!

      Many, many happy comments about this dish on the COTM thread which focused on Jerusalem.

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        1. Me too. I've been looking it over and can't wait to start cooking.

          1. I've been getting his recipes on-line from the Guardian. I haven't found one that didn't knock our socks off.

            1. I love the spinach salad--just made it again last night.
              The lemony leek meatballs and the parsley and barley salad are great, as is the chermoula eggplant with bulgur. Oh the dessert with filo and cheese and syrup too! I cooked out of this book for a couple months straight last year.

              1. I have been having so much fun cooking recipes from this cookbook over the last four months. I has absolutely revived my interest in cooking. Here are my favorites among the recipes I've made:

                Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Figs (be sure to include the optional goat cheese)

                Baby Spinach Salad (I could eat this every day)

                Roasted eggplant w/fried onion and chopped lemon (though it's a lot easier to serve and eat if you scoop the flesh out of the roasted eggplant before topping and serving)

                Roasted butternut squash & red onion w/tahini and za'atar



                Butternut squash and tahini spread

                Spicy carrot salad

                Burnt eggplant w/garlic, lemon & pomegranate seeds


                None of these recipes are hard, but most of them involve several steps or components. Just give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the process. Happy cooking!