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One night in Coral Gables?

It looks like my co-workers and may be spending one night in Coral Gables in late February. I have searched this board and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there. We are pretty serious foodies who like to find the local gems. Did I miss something? We will travel if necessary!

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  1. Well, there's a ton of stuff in Coral Gables. Narrow down exactly what you're looking for.

    1. Graziano's in Coral Gables always comes to mind.....Argentenian steak and other wonderful goodies.....One of my favorites.....Haven't been there in a while.....but always very, very good....

      Ft. Pierce, FL

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        what are your favorites to order there?

      2. We are pretty open to most cuisines. Coming from NJ, though, maybe not Italian. It's about quality. I have looked at some other boards in the meantime and I see that there are some interesting looking spots. Just curious to know what other CHounders like.

        1. If you are splurging...the Palme d'Or in the Biltmore hotel. Short taxi ride or long walk from downtown Gables. Interesting 1926 building if you've not been there.

          1. Check out Ortanique on the Mile...You will definitely feel like you are in the tropics, while enjoying very good food that is nothing like what you will find in NJ!

            1. Maybe I am missing something, since I'm up in Palm Beach...

              But isn't The Eating House in Coral Gables?

              You know, headed up by only perhaps the hottest chef in Florida?


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                That would have been my first choice, but it's closed the night (Sunday) that we are in town.

              2. Good in Coral Gables, in no particular order:
                Eating House (contemporary)
                Graziano's (Argentinian)
                Bulla (Spanish)
                Su Shin Izakaya (Japanese)
                Pascal's (French)
                Francesco (Peruvian)
                Aromas del Peru (Peruvian)
                Talavera (Mexican)
                Bugatti (Italian)
                Swine (Southern) - particularly the burger on the lunch menu
                Ortanique (Caribbean) - was better in its heyday, and I find some dishes steer too sweet instead of spicy, but still some good things here - ceviches, Red Stripe steamed mussels, curried crab cakes.
                I've not been to Palme d'Or in the Biltmore

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                  Ortanique will provide an excellent mojito, where it was made well before it became popular.