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Can anyone tell me how old these are? Le Creuset

Hi, quick question... I have these Le Creuset pans... Does anyone know what color and how old these are? (what is the color called?) Thanks.

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  1. Kiwi, I bought a piece in 2010

    1. Avocado green cookware was popular from the late 1960's through the early 1980's.

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      1. One pan has a chip on the enamel - is it covered by the warranty? Also, how do I clean them? The skillet also has a rougher finish... Is that under warranty? Thank you.

        1. i'd give them all a good wipe down with barkeepers friend, and also take a green scrubby to the skillet interior (w/JUST water - no soap or cleanser) since it's hard to tell from the photo if that is black finished enamel or raw cast iron.

          it chips over time. i have LC from the 50's.. still going strong, with slight chips on the edges. i doubt if you need to invoke some sort of warranty brouhaha... they look like they are in great shape! how did you inherit them?

          1. I was given them (passed down to me..) There is a chip in the small sauce pan in the center of the pan itself.. Is it still able to be used that way?

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              i probably wouldn't use it with a chip on the cooking surface, but not because of something toxic - just wouldn't want to chew enamel accidentally if some more somehow chipped off!

              you're lucky - what a nice and useful gift!

            2. It looks like Kiwi.

              Retired the color a few years ago.

              Your stuff doesn't look that old to me.

                1. I would think it's newer than 1974. That was the year I won the full line of LC cast iron. There were no green pans. There were only 3 or 4 colors. Flame of course, plus a blue (likely cobalt), brown and possibly cherry red. Maybe a yellow, but I'm really unclear on that and think not.

                  No green, of that I am certain. Also, the saucepans did not have a helper handle.

                  1. It's quite recent, maybe 5-10 years old? I agree with the others that it's kiwi color and I see it the set has the brasier pan and the precision pour pan ( the saucepan). I have that same pan, different color. The earlier models of that sauce pan had wood handles. I'd still use the chipped pan, just make sure to dry it so it doesn't rust after you clean it. A little fat ( I use lard) will help the bare spot to not stick ( which is just bare cast iron and perfectly safe)

                    The black interiors on the grill pan and fry pan are not bare iron.

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                      Yes, if it's kiwi it is fairly recent.