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Ideas for 1.5# of kiriotoshi beef

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While at Marukai I picked up this family-pack size of gorgeous kiriotoshi beef (thinly sliced odds & ends of high quality beef leftover after slicing shabu shabu, and/or sukiyaki). No time for hot pot so seeking quick, tasty preparations for either tonight, or tomorrow. TIA.

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  1. gyudon.

    1. Niku-jaga!

      1. Cheese steak.

        1. Thanks for responses so far. Cheesesteak, and gyudon had already crossed my mind actually. Am leading more towards niku-jaga since it does have veggies. Will probably do daikon, potatoes, and carrots. Would welcome more ideas until the end of the day though. :)

          1. Niku-jaga over brown jasmine rice. Light, yet satisfying.

            1. Photo.

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                Looks fantastic!!!

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                  Thanks. We enjoyed it very much.