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Jan 6, 2014 04:34 PM

What's for Dinner #266 - The Arctic Polar Vortex Edition [through January 10, 2014]

While the New England area had a very brief respite from the bitter cold with our 50+° day today (and rain that washed away last week's snow), we're heading back down in the temps tonight. Although not as bad as the -55° in Minnesota. And it's 1° in southern Texas. This is nuts!

So I'm hoping that everyone is keeping warm and enjoying whatever belly and toe-warming dinners you're cooking up - so what are those great dinners you're planning?

As for me - I'm dreaming of Frizzle's weather right now. :-D

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  1. As for me, I went with more of the pretty darn good Lazy Girl Chili (the rest will be frozen) and a hunk of sourdough bread.

    1. Me too! Frizzle's weather is very appealing, but at least I'm not directly in the Arctic Vortex!

      Tonights dinner is a turkey breast roulade, stuffed with sausage and bread crumbs. Not sure what it will be served with since rjbh20 has the window in the kitchen cracked, and it's getting kind of chilly in there!

      1. Preparations are in place so we hopefully will avoid any more frozen pipes with the return of the deep cold. My husband is thankful the rain took care of the snow packed roof!

        Dinner tonight was forgotten pack of weisswurst (sp?) from our favorite sausage place. Served along side was some non traditional couscous and sautéed mushrooms with spinach. A more traditional sweet/hot mustard was available for dipping.

        Dreaming of some place warm…

        1. I can't quite get my head around the temperatures at the moment!

          I decided to pretend it's not the coldest, most depressing day of the year (so I read in the newspapers) and am making paella for dinner. Ole! It's using up a random green pepper, some chicken thighs and shrimp that needed using up in the freezer, chorizo (some leftover for chestnut and chorizo soup for lunch tomorrow) and it's also a great excuse to open the Txakoli that I bought before Christmas. I've just opened it and had a sip whilst my husband reads stories to our son.

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            Nice way to warm up the stomach *and* the mind with that paella, helen!

            1. re: helen_m

              those both sounds wonderful!! Care to share the recipe for the soup?

              1. re: foodieX2

                Absolutely! It's a Moro recipe:

                Very wintery and warming.

              2. re: helen_m

                That soup sounds amazing! Interesting and different - and it's a Moro recipe which makes me 'heart' it:). Will try....

              3. The Arctic Vortex sucked me into my kitchen to make some true comfort food. I had a Coscto rotisserie chicken so I decided to make a chicken, broccoli and rice casserole with gruyere.
                Awesomely satisfying.

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