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Jan 6, 2014 04:00 PM

Cheap eats in London?

So my wife and I postponed our trip until late summer. We will be in London for 9ish days at the Griffin House hotel north of Hyde park. We have found numerous restaurants, but are looking for some cheap and late-night options. Whether that be food trucks, Chinese takeout, street vendors, any suggestion is a good one.

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  1. There's a lot of Middle Eastern along and across the Edgware Road from where you are staying. Patogh is a favourite cheap eat of mine but they all seem to do good business.

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      That sounds great, I love middle eastern food.

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        Would second Patogh. Great kebabs and giant breads and salad for about 6 quid. There's also Melur on Edgware road for good Malaysian food. They do lunch time specials for about £7. Even closer to your hotel and also Malaysian is Bonda on Sussex Gardens, The nasi campur at lunch is good value @ £4.50 for i dish veg and rice.

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          Have to add the Indonesian mini-mart that Hyperion just mentioned in another thread.

          Near Paddington, there's good nasi lemak at Tukdin.

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        1. Depending on your willingness to travel the areas to research would be:
          Chinatown: some gems (I like Leong's Legend) and some awful.
          Also Koya Soho is great value.
          East London: the Tayyabs, Needoo, Lahore triumvirate.
          Edgware Road lebanese
          Dalston/Green lanes Turkish
          Iranian at Gilak in Holloway

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            We usually poked around in Chinatown for an afternoon because there always seems to be some kind of festival or event to go to there. Glad to hear there's some good food to be had as well.

            1. re: Lajo0806

              Haozhan in Chinatown has a very reasonably priced lunch menu, and their food is excellent.

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              Koya isn't as good value as it used to be, the prices have risen quite a bit. Many main courses alone are £10-14 which puts them in the same price range as gastropubs like the Princess of Shoreditch. A recent lunch at the next door Koya Bar with roughly same prices was over £20 for one person excluding beverage or dessert. The chicory and persimmon salad and the ten-don that I had were not bad but not outstanding, especially at £5.90 and £14 something respectively.

              1. re: limster

                Went to koya at lunchtime on Friday and I have to agree with Limster. Two small bowls of udon (tenzaru and gyushabu) plus two beers cost us £40. Yes udon is probably best in London but good value? I wasn't satisfied in the taste or portion size. Not sure if the udon had "koshi" or was just hard either.

                I guess I have to accept that this is London prices or only eat udon when I go back to Japan.

                Looking forward to seeing Marugame seimen's restaurant opening soon. It may not be as good but hopefully the price will be lower. Also, maybe the competition will make Koya better, as I think the quality had gone down.

            3. Its cheap depending on what you eat, but Govinda's off Soho Square makes some cracking food. They are affiliated with the Hare Krishna temple next door so the food adheres to their basic principles. Their thalis are good value and the lasagne is a solid dense mass of deliciouness. They let you do take-away so if the weather is good you can eat it in the Soho Square :)