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Jan 6, 2014 03:05 PM

Level in Annapolis-- what should I get?

Based on a Chowhound discussion, we are going to Level on West Street tomorrow. Anythings in particular that stand out, that we should order? On the other hand, are there items they don't do so well? And are the desserts exceptional?


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  1. Disappointing supper: for some reason they put cayenne peppers in all five small plates we ordered without notice. My partner doesn't like spicy so had little to eat. the one dish that was denoted as spicy was drenched in Texas Pete, rather than a restaurant-created and better tasting sauce, to hide the othwise bland grits. Blackberry ice cream was all cream, no blackberry. Was this just a bad night or has it gone downhill?

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      Sorry, I was going to respond earlier in the week but realized that it would be too late for your dinner. I've only been once about a year ago, so I also didn't think that I had the freshest perspective. But the only thing that we had that stood out were the cocktails. Everything else was average at best, and service was quite rushed.

    2. Sorry I was too late too. My snotty response was going to be "a reservation at another restaurant". I live in Annapolis and have been to Level a few times --generally because others have been meeting there. That's the only way I'll go again.

      We don't have a lot of great options in Annapolis, but Vin 909, or even Tsunami's just a ½ block away are way better.