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Jan 6, 2014 02:56 PM

Party of 10ish - Split Checks -Downtown

Longtime lurker, first time posting.
I'm getting married next month and having an informal "girls night out" the Thursday before my wedding.
I wish I could afford to cover everyone's meal, but the reality is I can't......I don't want this to stop us from having dinner though.
Can you think of any downtown eateries, that are semi inexpensive (<$20. / entree), would be able to accommodate a party that size, and would split checks for us?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Congratulations!

    Arro may have what you seek. Some entrees are under $20, some more. According to their website they have a 3 course $25 fixed price dinner with a variety of options. I had a dinner there that I enjoyed a lot (duck breast). I wasn't too impressed with the dessert item I tried (goat cheese lemon tart).

    Wherever you want to go, call ahead for the check splitting question. I imagine most places would be accommodating considering the circumstances.

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      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I think Arro may be a little too " high brow" for some of my friends (based on menu and prices) but I certainly want to try it based on the menu!

    2. moonshine has comfort food, with most entrees under $20.

      garrido's has tex mex, and there's a lot of entrees in your price range minus the fish.

      other than that, i'm drawing a blank, but if i can recall anything else i'll do an update.

      have fun!

      1. Coal VInes will work with your group on that. They might even give you the private room, but for sure will reserve a table and accomodate split checks. Plus it's relatively cheap for the pizzas and those that want something fancier can do that. And then you can walk to nearby clubs/bars after.