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Jan 6, 2014 02:30 PM

Michael's Genuine vs. The Dutch?

One night in Miami - looking for good food in a not too stuffy atmosphere. Would like a place that isn't so noisy that I'm shouting across the table. My companion doesn't like seafood. Which would you vote for?

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  1. Outdoor dining at Michael's can't be beat.

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    1. re: gblcsw

      I actually think the Dutch's outdoor dining is superior. I generally do not dine outdoors though...

    2. I personally prefer the Dutch, but I would be surprised if I was not in the minority on this one.

      1. Both the Dutch and Michaels have terrific outdoor seating. The outdoor patio at the Dutch is really attractive with the colored lights and the garden, but the food at Michaels is superior in every way to the Dutch. Hands down. Great atmosphere and interesting neighborhood to walk around in as well.

        1. That's a very tough call. Both are great spots. The ribeye for two at The Dutch is fantastic and chef Conor and pastry chef Josh have been cranking out some of the best food in town.

          1. Dutch is nicer, and I thoroughly enjoy the bar and dining there. I would say you get more bang for your buck in Michael's, however. Food quality, presentation, ambiance all deliver at a lower cost.