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Jan 6, 2014 01:58 PM

Anna Maria Island - never been, need recs!

We're spending 5 days on AMI (tried to get a place on Siesta Key, but everything was booked). We have a toddler and an infant, but that won't keep us away from good food! :) We will get groceries (where to shop for local, fresh, artisanal produce/products??) and cook, but definitely plan to eat out a few times. Please tell us the best places to go! Thanks!!

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  1. It's not child friendly, but if you can get a sitter one night don't miss the Beach Bistro - unreal. The Rod & Reel is old Florida funky and has great seafood. It's a bit of a drive, but I highly recommend checking out the Star Fish Company in fresh seafood around both at the restaurant and the seafood store. Enjoy your trip!

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      Thanks, laboheme!!! We're actually now trying to decide between a place on AMI or Siesta Key -- do you have any insight for us??

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        There are more options for food and entertainment on/near AMI than Siesta Key.

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        Rod and Reel Pier had a fire last fall. They were hoping to open by Christmas, have not been up there since the day after the fire, anyone know if it reopened??

        Another place that is a little more kid friendly is "Eat Here" also on AMI same owner as Beach Bistro, but much lower$$$

      3. We love AMI and will be going for the fifth year in a row with our kids this spring. Highly recommend the Waterfont for lunch or dinner, and Slim's Place for dinner. Grab breakfast or lunch at Rudy's Subs. Hope that Rod and Reel is up and running by April. We love having lunch there and a sneaking a cold draft while the kids are at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa. This is not the best area for "artisanal" foods but the Publix that you'll pass when you get on the island has served us just fine. I second the Starfish rec!

        I recall that there is a farmer's market but don't remember which day; I think it was in Bradenton.