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Jan 6, 2014 01:46 PM

Bayless favorite?

I am going to a cooking gathering this weekend where we are each supposed to make/bring a recipe from the Rick Bayless cookbook, "Mexico, One plate at a Time". Anyone have a favorite recipe they recommend for this that would be good in a potluck-ish setting?

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  1. Yep, the Guajillo Spiced Pork with Potatoes.
    Oops, sorry, that's from my favorite Bayless, Mexican Everyday. But sometimes he has overlap recipes, you could look ---

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      Thanks! That's what I'm looking for... favorite recipes. I'm getting the book tomorrow, so I'll check for this.

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        Unfortunately, I have to choose a recipe from the "Mexico, One plate at a Time" cookbook, but I will definitely check your recommendations in case they are double listed!!

        I am always looking for a new meatball recipe, so thank you for this.

      2. I love the cowboy beans and chipotle meatballs from Mexican Everyday. It was a Cookbook of the Month not too long ago, so if you search for those threads you'll find a ton of information on recipes.

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          The chipotle meatballs were hands down my favorite from Mexican Everyday too.

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            I like the cowboy beans too! We make those frequently!

          2. I've been wanting to make the yellow mole from OPAAT--at least I think that's the series I saw it on recently--but haven't been able to with holiday activities.

            1. The Chicken in Green Pipian is very good as is the Pork in Salsa Verde.
              The pork is more economical to make for a crowd and can be made and held or reheated more easily.

              1. violin, jic you weren't aware, this cookbook was a COTM some time ago and folks continue to add their experiences with recipes from this book to the various chapter threads. If you are interested in taking a look and/or adding your own experience with the recipe(s) you try, here's a link:


                A dish that we've made on a number of occasions and really enjoyed was the Rice w Roasted Poblano, Spinach and Fresh Cheese – p. 180. Here's a link to my review along w a photo of the finished dish:


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                  wow - what a great link! Thank you so much, as I was not aware. Your dish looks de-lish.