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Jan 6, 2014 12:04 PM

Branching out at Musso & Franks

I love Musso's, have been going for years. I always get the same things: Martini; Caesar Salad (or occasionally the romaine salad with the wonderful Blue Cheese Vinaigrette); Filet or Pork Chop or Sand Dabs, all wonderful; Baked or fries and creamed spinach. So I've been trying to branch out here and there to try some of the other items. Last year I became hooked on their macaroni au gratin. Wow. Is that terrific. Different… it's made with bucatini. But it is wonderful. Another new discovery: the boneless whole chicken with garlic. Incredible. An entire chicken, deboned but still looks exactly like a small chicken, roasted and served with an amazing au jus and tons of soft roasted garlic cloves. Divine.

Saturday a friend and I resolved to try all new things. Well, almost all new. I had a martini still, always will. But everything else was new… and excellent!

Lobster and Shrimp Bisque: The special soup of the day. Very rich. Wonderful. Lots of sherry and cream. Yum.

Musso and Frank's special salad: While I am not sure it was worth the 20 bucks, it was very good. Romaine, artichoke hearts and diced avocado, tossed lightly in their french dressing. Crisp lettuce and the avocado was divine, could not have been more ripe and perfect.

Chicken a la King: Everything you could want with such a dish, even served with toast points. I loved this and will get it again and again.

Grenadines of Beef: Filet medallions topped with Bernaise, served over a bed of wonderful brown sauce. I am not sure what the brown sauce was but it was really good. Both of these entrees were very rich. Not a complaint! Just a note :)

Lyonnaise potatoes: ok, if you like chunks of potatoes sautéed with onions, not hash browns at all, much better, this is for you. Wow. These were GOOD.

Sauteed Baby Spinach: this I have had before but my friend wanted to try. It's relatively new and it is excellent. Baby spinach perfectly sautéed with slivers of garlic.

It did my heart well to see the restaurant packed to the gills Saturday night, still thriving when we left at 10 PM. I love this place, love the changes the younger family members have made while keeping it still the classic restaurant it has always been.

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  1. You and me are in the minority on Musso's.

    Btw, is the old bartender still there, Manny ? He usually only works the daytime shift a couple days a week, maybe on the weekends. ????

    Anyhow, what I like there:

    Grenadine of beef with bernaise sauce. French fried potatoes to dip in the bernaise sauce.

    Mac n cheese.

    avocado coctails.

    crab cocktails.

    Crab Louise.

    Bread and butter pudding with strawberries.

    Bouillabaise is ok, though not the real thing by any measure. Though I really like the stock in that sucker.

    Sauteed sand dabs.


    Open faced turkey sandwich topped with gravy.

    and of course the infamous flannel cakes.

    Though many hounds and others despise the joint to a Tee and others only like the joint for drinks.

    Sit at the bar, revel in the old style atmosphere and have a half dozen or more martini's and you are good to good, especially on a lazy Friday afternoon

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    1. re: kevin

      Used to love the open face turkey. Great fries with that.

      1. re: Thor123

        Though I have to say the old things I have here usally are the crab and the fries and the flannel cakes.

        And of course, the martinis.

          1. re: Servorg

            That's him.

            But the article is from over a year and a couple months ago.

            He wasn't there a few months ago like Aug or Sep 2013 and one of the waiters said he was ill.

            So just was hoping he was still ok and there.

      2. re: kevin

        Perfect Friday afternoon indeed! And Manny is indeed still there! He is known for, among other things, making the best Caesar of anyone.

      3. nice report.

        i love it there too...sweetbreads, lobster thermador, lamb chops...oh and a few drinks

        1. We were there Sat nite too. When I saw lobster and shrimp bisque I was going to ask.

          I had the shrimp louie salad. It had an very generous amount of shrimp. I'm not a fan of 1000 island dressing but not their fault that's how a shrimp louie is prepared…

          My husband was ready to order the short ribs but they were out (it was after 10p). Ordinarily, he targets his visits for chicken pot pie. He loves the flannel cakes too.

          And who has a menu with sooo many items?!

          It was great to see both rooms full. I don't know the last time I've seen that.

          Oh, on other occasions I've found their ratatouille surprisingly good.

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          1. re: rainey

            I love the chicken pot pie as well! I've always been curious about the Shrimp Louie...

          2. We went to a show at the Egyptian, our first time there, and I noticed that M&F was practically right across the street. Well, it was long closed when we finally got out, but I think if we were to see something shorter than "Lawrence of Arabia" we might not have to default to Fred 62 for supper. Not that I hate Fred, but a wider menu and good drinks would sure be nice.

            We've been there exactly once, almost thirty years ago, when we were visiting from Nashville and Mrs. O was showing her portfolio to all the hot art directors. We had just drinks and sandwiches, but very good drinks and sandwiches, and swore we'd be back. About damned time, I think.

            1. Hi Tom,

              Not fair to be reading this post of yours when I've got 3 hours until dinner :)

              Kidding aside, you have single handedly made me decide to veer from the ONLY thing I order when at Musso and Frank's, namely their fillet. We're in total agreement about their Martini's, so this won't change....but you've got me jones'ing for the boneless and garlic laden chicken. Who'd have guessed this even existed? On the other hand, I guess that's what reading a menu is's just been so consistent for me to order their chiffonade salad, and fillet.

              I'll save the garlic sauteed spinach for the next time I get their fillet :)

              Wonderful post!


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              1. re: JeffW

                Thanks, Jeff! It is hard to veer from that filet! Ultimately, get what you like, right? Anytime I am convinced to try another type drink, I tend to sit there wishing I had a martini :) If you try something new, let us know...