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Sono Sushi in Arlington - anyone been?

I drive past here often, and notice that Sono Sushi on Summer street appears to be open. Has anyone been or done takeout, and if so, how was the fare? I can't find much online about them..

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  1. I tried calling them this past weekend - no answer. It does look on the cusp of opening when we've gone past.

    1. Also eager to see it in operation given its proximity and the crowds often descending on Toraya - it looks finished inside(quite shiny, in fact) and there were what looked like employees inside around 9pm last night, but I too find no website or Facebook page yet, and there is no Open sign on the door or in the window nor customers inside when I have driven past.

      From the exterior, it looks like it may be another middling pan-Asian like we don't really need at all in Arlington (or anywhere?), but I am assuming the best until we've tried it...

      1. I drive past there twice a day 4 times a week and I've seen nothing that would indicate that they're open yet.

        1. Apparently not open. Their Facebook page said "just 1 one week" a few days ago.

          Their site is: http://arlingtonsono.com

          Edit: I guess looking over the menu, they aren't doing Chinese like Fusion Taste, so not quite as pan-asian as them... but they have the usual variety such as noodle soups and so forth.

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            Thanks very much - there's potential but still not sold on fusing Japanese and Thai - still eager to try something new - and that may possibly be able to provide takeout in under an hour at prime times (which Toraya typically cannot even though I love them so...)

            Also, what search term led you to the FB page? I get to places in NJ and MD, but not MA...

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              Searching for "sono arlington" worked for me:


              They do have hours on the Facebook page, but my wife mentioned that they've had them there for as long as the page has been around, so it's no real indicator they are open yet. If taken literally, 1 week from January 1st is today. I didn't go past today but there was no indication that anything was imminent when we walked past yesterday.

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                Thnx - definitely not open tonight - totally dark and empty.

          2. My boyfriend, who lives nearby, called last week. (We've been waiting with bated breath for the place to open!) They were waiting on an inspection, which at the time they were hoping would happen on Friday. Based on the storm, I bet that didn't happen, but they said that was the last thing standing between them and opening!

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              I checked it out yesterday evening and they were not opening, though everything now seems to be in place.

            2. Another thing I've wondered about them is whether they really intend to be organic. The big words painted on their windows are 'organic' 'oysters' 'sushi bar' and one more that I forget. Based on the website and fb page, I Do Not Think It Means What They Think It Means ;)

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                The new Sakura in Wakefield also claims to be organic. I don't think you can get organic fish, can you? If it's farm raised, it's full of antibiotics, and if it's wild-caught, it's subject to whatever is floating around in the ocean. But they claim on their website http://sakuraorganic.com/ "Our sushi and fusion cuisine are only prepared with organic ingredients as we believe ‘Organic is Healthier’." Am I confused about this or are these restaurants just using "Organic" as a hook to get in gullible consumers?

                EDIT: Huh, googling "organic sushi" also yields up links to Genki Ya in Brookline, Toro Organic Sushi and Grill in Allston and Blue Fuji in Medford, all claiming to have organic sushi. I'd love to know if this is actually possible or if they are just using organic rice, in which case it seems a bit deceptive to call the sushi organic when not all parts of it actually are.

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                  All this "organic" fish discussion just makes me laugh. What other kind of fish is there? Inorganic? Like the mechanical Jaws at Universal Studios?

                  1. re: Uncle Yabai

                    This is one of Genki Ya's main marketing points as well. Pretty amusing for sure, BUT I have friends who rave because it's "organic". They should stay current and add non-GMO to the spiel as well.

              2. I can't wait to taste the delicious organic wasabi..

                1. Got reminded just now about Sono via another thread about sushi in Lexington. I just called Sono - a very tired-sounding guy answered and said they are going to open tomorrow, but not with much vigor. He did not exactly instill confidence in me that they will open tomorrow. So, the Sono watch continues...

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                    I drove past about 8 pm and the lights were on inside for the first time I've seen.

                  2. Looks like opening today/tonight?

                    Per their Facebook:

                    Sono Asian Cuisine
                    7 hours ago
                    Hey,focus we are going have grand opening today ,ya" ll invited ,can't to see you

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                      Sono Asian Cuisine
                      11:31am (15 minutes ago)
                      Sono Grand Opening Today! Come join us if you're in the Arlington area for some delicious Asian style Cuisine! Japanese, Chinese and Thai yup we've got it all! Dine or takeout! Hope to see you later!

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                        From the bike path on my ride home tonight, I definitely saw a lit-up "open" sign.

                        We're out of town for 2 weeks, so we may not get a chance to try it...maybe tomorrow night but it's doubtful.

                        If it's even a smidge decent, we'll be happy campers! At least the bar looked inviting (warning - there's a biggish TV at the bar which caught our eyes from outside, but it may not be someone else's cuppa...we love a game with our food).

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                          We were away for 2 weeks in Asia (Philippines/1 night in Tokyo) to come home to a crazy-busy sushi joint within a 10 min walk of our house. With a liquor license! We had an early dinner last night (still jet lagging). We sat down at the sushi/bar at 6 pm and by the time we left an hour and a half or so later, it was SRO. For apps, the hamachi kama was as good as has been reported, I think first by Roy Ron. They ran out by 7 pm. It reminded us of the grilled fish cheeks/collars that we had over the last 2 weeks. We were told that hirami was fresh, so we shared the sashimi and it was both beautifully presented and pristine. For mains we had maki rolls - keep in mind that B likes his fancy maki rolls, so that's what had. For maki, they were good. We had the Sono, Red Sox (in celebration of Truck Day), Cherry Blossom, and Kiss the Fire. Honestly, maki rolls tend to all taste the same to me, but they were all went down pretty easily. We both really liked the spicy-ish Kiss the Fire and I liked the Sono with its soy wrapping.

                          Attentive service, though B would NOT get the moneybags apps again as one of the staff recommended. He told me not to even try them 'cos he knew I wouldn't like them.

                          After too much food, 3 drinks, we got out of there for $100 before tip.

                          We'll be back again, fer sure, and order a bit less food.

                    2. They're officially open as of tonight! Service is a little haphazard (understandably) but the food is great -- they comp'd us a fancy salmon roll thingie with egg and delicious sauce. Fish is lovely, especially the toro and the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth salmon.

                      And oysters are $20/dozen!!! They're big and juicy and did I mention they're $20/dozen?

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                        i had oysters are rialto last night at 12 dollars a dozen; they were also big and juicy. And these kinds of deals are to be had all over boston

                      2. Anyone taken one for the team and actually eaten here yet? Curious and plan to make the time but haven't gotten there - if you have, what's good and what's not in terms of food (I expect sketchy service for a few weeks)?

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                          I went with a friend last night and had a very good experience. The service by every member of the staff from the owners to the head chef all came over and introduced themselves to us. We sat at the sushi bar. We started with an assortment of sashimi and left the choices up to the chef. The selection he chose, the presentation and the quality were all excellent. It included Sea Bass (Suzuki), Maguro, Hamachi, Salmon and Uni. We also had an order of Unagi and Saba (Mackerel). Following the Sashimi we ordered Age Dashi Tofu which was well prepared but the dipping sauce could have had a bit to light for my tastes. We finished with a couple of hand rolls (Te-maki's) of Negi-Toro and a Natto Maki, both of which were very good. The restaurant itself is very nice and the chairs at the suishi bar were very comfortable. The price of our dinner including three Sapporo beers and three glasses of wine came to just over $100.00 before the tip. I thought this was reasonable given the quality and quantity of the everything we ordered. The menu lists an extensive array of "designer sushi and maki's" which have no appeal at all for me but based on what I saw being prepared were very popular with other customers. Overall a very nice experience and I will definitely go back again.

                        2. Ate there twice. Sushi was super-fresh and delicious. Also had the udon soup, miso eggplant, and tempura. All were great! The one thing so far that was not right was their salad dressing. Dude, just stick to the tried and true orange stuff!

                          1. I went for lunch today and was fairly pleased. Very nice and well lit interior that is also very modern. I had the lunch Sushi and Sashimi Combo and the rice was good, the fish was very fresh and nicely cut and if you are not too hungry this is an excellent light lunch. It also comes with Miso soup (I'm not a fan of Miso soup in general) and a small salad with a nice dressing. Overall a very pleasant lunch and I'll be back for more.


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                              Too funny. I was there too. I sat at the sushi bar and ordered a couple of the more fussy dishes on the menu and they were excellent. By fussy, I mean that the Cajun Tuna app had thinly sliced onions and micro-greens and the Fire Kiss Roll had a dollop of chili sauce on top of each piece and a wasabi sauce artistically laid across the entire roll. They were both beautifully prepared, tasty, and interesting. Next time I'll try the sushi bento and get a feel for the freshness (tough to tell with all the preparation in the dishes I ordered, but no concerns from today's stop).

                              One question for the group. There was a well-lined tip jar on the sushi bar. Should I tip the server and the sushi chef if there's a tip jar? I always thought you over tipped the servers at sushi bars and then they tipped out the sushi chefs. Is that true?

                            2. My photo didn't upload and you don't seem to be able to add it either so here it is.

                              1. Has anyone else thought that the temperature of the rice (used for sushi) was too cold? I was in for lunch about 2-3 weeks ago and I thought the food and preparation was great, but found that the temeprature of the rice was just a bit colder than I would expect.

                                Probably nitpicking on this point, but was curious if anyone else experienced something similar.

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                                  Just wanted to add on, stopped in for lunch again and the food was equally as great as my first visit. Unlike my prior visit, I didn't notice any unusual temperature in the rice this time. After 2 visits I think I'm comfortable in saying that Sono is a real gem to have in the neighborhood. The quality of the food is excellent, the staff is wonderful and while they have all the basics on the menu there are also a handful of dishes that are a bit unique.

                                  Keep up the great work guys!!!

                                2. We ordered takeout the other night. Very friendly service on the phone. I got a spicy dinner platter: spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail rolls.
                                  Rolls were large and fish tasted fresh, but I was dismayed that the rolls also seemed to contain lots of filler. For lack of a better description, they seemed to contain breading that tasted sort of like...Shake and Bake? Also, there wasn't any soy sauce, wasabi, or ginger in our order. I'd go back and eat in, but I probably will stick to Toraya for to-go.