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Jan 6, 2014 11:35 AM

Sono Sushi in Arlington - anyone been?

I drive past here often, and notice that Sono Sushi on Summer street appears to be open. Has anyone been or done takeout, and if so, how was the fare? I can't find much online about them..

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  1. I tried calling them this past weekend - no answer. It does look on the cusp of opening when we've gone past.

    1. Also eager to see it in operation given its proximity and the crowds often descending on Toraya - it looks finished inside(quite shiny, in fact) and there were what looked like employees inside around 9pm last night, but I too find no website or Facebook page yet, and there is no Open sign on the door or in the window nor customers inside when I have driven past.

      From the exterior, it looks like it may be another middling pan-Asian like we don't really need at all in Arlington (or anywhere?), but I am assuming the best until we've tried it...

      1. I drive past there twice a day 4 times a week and I've seen nothing that would indicate that they're open yet.

        1. Apparently not open. Their Facebook page said "just 1 one week" a few days ago.

          Their site is:

          Edit: I guess looking over the menu, they aren't doing Chinese like Fusion Taste, so not quite as pan-asian as them... but they have the usual variety such as noodle soups and so forth.

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            Thanks very much - there's potential but still not sold on fusing Japanese and Thai - still eager to try something new - and that may possibly be able to provide takeout in under an hour at prime times (which Toraya typically cannot even though I love them so...)

            Also, what search term led you to the FB page? I get to places in NJ and MD, but not MA...

            1. re: rlh

              Searching for "sono arlington" worked for me:


              They do have hours on the Facebook page, but my wife mentioned that they've had them there for as long as the page has been around, so it's no real indicator they are open yet. If taken literally, 1 week from January 1st is today. I didn't go past today but there was no indication that anything was imminent when we walked past yesterday.

              1. re: vengefultacos

                Thnx - definitely not open tonight - totally dark and empty.

          2. The original comment has been removed