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Jan 6, 2014 10:29 AM

Song Que closing

Song Que Deli in Eden Center is closing at the end of January -- heard the bad news when we went there this weekend. We're big fans of their tofu banh mi and their range of boba/bubble smoothies. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement?

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  1. May I suggest that you get a tofu banh mi from every place in Eden and compare them (there are two stores that specialize in banh mi and then several bakeries/take-out places also sell banh mi)? Then you can tell us which one is the best! You might have have to hike through all the little corridors to find all the banh mi though.

    1. Especially bad news since there are not many places where you can eat in. This is a real loss.

      Nhu Lan, very limited selection.

      Banh Mi So 1 used to be my fave years ago but I stopped going after a renovation and they changed their offerings/recipes. Maybe I'll have to give them a try again.

      1. OH NO! It is our favorite! Did they say why? Can't be for lack of business. They are always busy.

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          I only talked to the owners briefly - the place was very busy, as usual - but it sounded like the parents are retiring and the son doesn't plan to run it anymore. They may be selling it but I wasn't clear on that point, so I suppose it's possible it'll reopen under different management.

        2. That is sad news indeed.

          Last week I paid a visit to Than Son Tofu for some of their delicious fried tofu. I had to use a credit card so to bump up my order to $10 I got a lichi bubble smoothie. It was humongous and delicious, for $3.75. In addition to bubbles, they include some of that jelly like you get in those little jelly cups you can get at the asian markets. It was like a meal in a cup!

          1. Good news! Eater DC reports that this is NOT TRUE.

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              I hope they're right but they only cite the leasing manager at eden center. I wonder if it means that the family is selling to someone else who will keep the name. I'd love to be wrong about this. Here's the link:

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                Sadly, you were right and Eater was wrong. I just spoke to the son of the owners and he said exactly what you reported. His parents are retiring and he has no interest in taking over. What a shame. But totally understandable. Very long hours and no real downtime in any small family-owned business, and especially a restaurant.