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Jan 6, 2014 09:22 AM

Lucullus Bakery - downtown

Found this via another thread. It's located on Elm St. a few doors east of the Queen and Beaver. Apparently they just opened last Monday. The space is quite nice with a number of tables to eat in. Tried a BBQ pork bun, a curry beef bun and an egg tart. I think the buns were $1.65 each, can't remember the price for the egg tart. I thought buns were quite good and they weren't stingy with the filling. The egg tart was was good, but not remarkable. I hope they get sufficient business from the neighbouring office towers, as the only other chinese bakery nearby is the truly awful one in the Atrium on the Bay.

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  1. So are these in fact the same people as the Hwy. 7 & Chalmers operation??

    Same products and quality?

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    1. re: magic

      Went there today and picked up a half dozen pieces.

      Products look the exact same as the Hwy 7 location so that's encouraging! Will report back over the weekend as I taste what I bought.

      Lots of tables to relax at and they are also doing soups and sandwiches.

      Wasn't busy, I'm used the the bustling Hwy 7 location, so it was odd to see it quiet. I think it's in a tough location - not sure if many can see that there's a bakery there. I did go at an off hour (2pm) so perhaps that's why it was a bit quiet. I hope they do well. It is a nice big, bright, space.

      1. re: magic

        Did the same as you last Tuesday. Went around 2:30 and was disappointed with the selection...perhaps they sold out of a lot of varieties. Half the displays were empty, so had to pick up stuff I normally would not get. I don't go to the other locations so can't make that comparison, but compared to some of our normal outlets in N. Scarborough and vicinity the buns were large and good quality. The fillings looked more generous than average. Good addition to the area and hope they do well, however unless it's to check if they are carrying their Cha Sui buns, I will not return too soon.

        1. re: T Long

          They did not have the breadth of selection as the Hwy. 7 location, numerous empty displays, but they had most of my favourites so I was happy. And what they did have looked fresh.

          I hope they do well but it's a bit of an odd spot for a Chinese bakery. And they are not marked very well. Unless you know it's there, pedestrians will likely walk by never knowing the kind of business that's located there. We'll see.

          It saves me the trip to Hwy. 7 (although I do love sitting and chilling at the Hwy 7 location) so I hope it sticks around, selfishly. Look fwd to sampling the goods I bought shortly.

          Was the food quality the same to you, T Long? Did you enjoy?

          1. re: magic

            This was my first experience with Lucullus. I liked and enjoy their products, even though they did not have any of my favorites in stock that day. Their locations though are not that convenient for us, so we are unlikely to be frequent customers.

            1. re: magic

              My corned beef bun was outstanding. The same as Hwy 7 location. Generously filled, incredible flavour and texture.

              My BBQ pork bun was delicious but not as generous with the filling that Hwy 7 location has historically been. Actually, I've found that over the past few months even the Hwy 7 location has not been quite as generous with the pork filling and that the recipe seems to change from week to week. It's always wonderful, but the flavours and ingredients vary and the filling seems less substantial. Anyone have thoughts on that??

              (I still have a curry beef pastry waiting for me.)

              1. re: magic

                Curry Beef pastry nicely filled. So only issue I had was with lack of BBQ pork bun filling. Otherwise this location has made me happy.

                1. re: magic

                  I had the opposite experience. The BBQ pork bun I bought from the Chalmers location this Mon was less filled than than the one I bought from the Elm St location a few weeks ago. The curry beef bun from Elm St also had much more filling. The meat buns are about 45 cents more expensive downtown and I hope they maintain the consistency of generous fillings.

                  1. re: Degustation

                    I think it's safe to say as far as our experiences go, Degustation, Lucullus has been less generous or inconsistent with the BBQ pork filling as of late, yet beef curry items seem fine.

                    Do you feel as I do.... that the BBQ pork mixture seems to have changed over the past half-year or so? Still great, but tastes... different.

                    1. re: magic

                      A friend of mine concurs: pork bun light on the filling at Elm. So it's not just me!

                      Like me he loved the corned beef & curry beef buns, but lamented their product selection. No savoury pastries when he was there.

                      1. re: magic

                        Haven't eaten that many L buns over the last half-year to comment one way or other about the change in the mixture. Funny that you and your friend experienced less BBQ filling than what I had from the Elm location. Maybe it's a recent development? Curry beef was definitely less at Chalmers.

                        1. re: Degustation

                          Definitely less pork filling in the Elm bun, and yes, the mixture has seemed to have changed over the past half-year (or perhaps that's just me?!). It used to be a generously filled, mahogany coloured, luscious filling with a hint of a sweet citrus note and a shredded consistency. Lately I've found it less filled, with a muted and less attractive colour, and a loose ground filling rather than shredded - the sweet citrus note is gone too.

                          The taste is till fantastic, but certainly different. And you know my stance on the amount of filling :)

                          I've never had beef curry buns or pastries from Chalmers, but I've found the Elm pastry I had nicely filled and my friend was more than pleased with his Elm beef curry bun. I am not a huge beef curry bun/pastry fan. I find them a bit too one-note with a hit-you-over-the-head dose of curry powder, which I am not fond of. I tend to go for the bbq pork rolls.

                          1. re: magic

                            Ok this sounds pretty pretentious.

                            But it's true, lol.

                  2. re: magic

                    I've had a couple of opportunities now to try Lucullus' BBQ pork buns. They are tasty and I like that they don't use the traditional red food coloring in the pork. (Hope that means they are not using any coloring). I would not make a special trip, but if in the hood would pick up a half dozen buns (which I've already done) to take home.

                    1. re: T Long

                      I just tried the bbq pork bun at Hong Kong Island Bakery on Spadina. No food colouring (is that where that colour comes from??). The pork mixture is fairly abundant and gravy-like brown.
                      Giver a try if in the area, T Long.

                      (As an aside, I like the red colour in bbq pork buns. I don't really care what the source is I think... it's purdy!)

                      1. re: T Long

                        Try the corned beef bun from Lucullus. So good.

            2. Kin Kin in Atrium is just awful.

              1. I was not in love with Lucullus' egg tart either. Too plain for my liking.

                I very much like their coconut tart though.

                1. WOAH WOAH WOAH.

                  I'm so excited I need to put a sock on it. If quality is comparable to Chalmers then this is the best opening of the year for me.

                  I doubt they'll do the buy 5+ no tax deal downtown.

                  seems like they're one and the same.