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Jan 6, 2014 09:01 AM

RIP Butterfly in Hadley, MA

Our beloved Butterfly ( recently closed. The Szechuan/gourmet menu will be missed, as will our surly waiter with the mullet. Anyone know what happened to this place and why it closed?

It's been replaced by Shiki, some kind of all you can eat abomination.


At least we still have Great Wall.

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  1. really, Shiki is all you can eat?

    1. I don't know why Butterfly closed (except perhaps that for the last year or so it was pretty terrible, especially the service).
      But the people who used to run it have opened along Route 9 between Haydenville and Williamsburg in a little strip mall on the right heading westbound. It's the old Panda Garden, but fixed up, still called Panda Garden but with a banner proclaiming ownership by the Hadley Butterfly people.
      A friend of mine went for dinner and said it was very good. I haven't been yet myself.
      (We've been badly disappointed in Great Wall for quite a while. Our go-to place is Ginger Garden on Rte 9 in Amherst, while the place for a dim sum fix is Oriental Flavor, also Amherst, on N. Pleasant St.)

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        We recently got takeout from Great Wall and it was better than anything we've had from them in while. The "Tender , flavorful, succulent beef" (best dish name!) was less goopy than normal and very good, as were the Chinese greens and the szechuan pork. Maybe it's on an upswing?

        But still, I really look forward to going back to Oriental Flavor. That was great, just a bit of a drive.

        1. re: saintp

          I've also had some great meals at Great Wall in the last few months. The best things to order there are aromatic roasted chicken and stuffed tofu (which I think is a Hakka dish). It's hard for me to explore the rest of the menu since I always want to order these again. And obviously stir-fried greens (watercress if they have it).

        2. re: BerkshireTsarina

          Panda has barely changed at all and the four times I had been there they were not serving what they call the Chinese menu.
          Great Wall has some great dishes : dragon skin, eggplant hot pot, corn dumplings to name a few.
          Oriental Flavors is wonderful, we had MA La shrimp and tofu that was amazing.

          1. re: magiesmom

            Panda in Williamsburg now has the full gourmet menu from butterfly, with many very nicely spicy items. Today we had a delicious green beans with minced pork preceded by their excellent steamed home style dumplings.
            Only about ten minutes west of Florence.

            1. re: magiesmom

              how about msg there,,,,do you care about avoiding it?