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Which Trader Joe's Holiday Items do you wish they had year-round?

The Extraordinary Bark is amazing, and I wish they made smaller bars of it available for the entire year.

The Nut Oils are fabulous, and a good value. Sell them individually to make them even more affordable.

The Cranberry-Covered Chevre Log. Make it smaller.

The Truffle Brie. Just had some for the first time, and it is lovely. It is a little pricey (for TJ's, though not compared with a cheese store's price), but lovely.

The Shea Butter Hand Creams. Again, they could be sold as singles, for less money than the three-pack, as a regular item.

Truffle salt should be year-round.

What about you?

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  1. White chocolate chips.
    The puff pastry and pie dough should be year-round.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Isn't their pie crust year round?

      Are the chocolate chunks seasonal? Those were terrific.

      I really liked the triple ginger brew, too.

      1. re: Savour

        Maybe the crusts and/or puff are year round now, but they were seasonal when they first came out. Random weight chocolate for baking is seasonal. They used to have it in white, too, but not for the last several years.

        There were still pumpkin croissants and kouign amann today so I got some, but they JUST managed to fit into the freezer.

        1. re: Savour

          Yes, I would also like to know if the chocolate chunks and peanut butter chips are seasonal. I couldn't tell--since they came out near the holidays--if they were permanent or just for holiday-baking.

          1. re: Savour

            I think the pie crusts are year round now and the chocolate chips definitely are. The Triple Ginger Brew is seasonal but was so popular I heard something about trying to make an everyday version. Keep your eyes open.

            1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

              Chocolate Chips are year round, but the chocolate chunks were just introduced at this holiday season. There is a healthy supply at my local store though, so I'm hopeful.

        2. Their red tin can cinnamon tea.

          1. Dark chocolate covered star-shaped cookies. They are so delicious!

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            1. re: prio girl

              Absolutely! To be honest though, I think I'd like them even more without the nonpareils on them. I like just the cookie crunch.

                1. re: fldhkybnva

                  Do you mean fried shallots in a plastic container? I first started noticing them in Jakarta, and now on nearly every vendor's umbrella in NYC.

                  1. re: BuildingMyBento

                    No - I think they're referring to the metal can of fried onions - very similar to Durkee/French's.

                    1. re: HeyImBack

                      Yea fried onions in the circle metal container with a green lid

                      1. re: fldhkybnva

                        It's not metal, but a cardboard canister with metal ends and rims, like a frozen juice concentrate canister, but with a plastic lid over the top. I find the plastic jars in Asian markets and just this week, at Ocean State Job Lot, they had them in cellophane bags the size egg noodles come in.

                  2. re: fldhkybnva

                    My Trader Joe's was loading the shelves up with more cans of the fried onions yesterday. Maybe they're full-time, now? Or maybe they just didn't move enough of them in November/December.

                    1. re: hlk

                      Which aisle did they stock them in? I've only seen them as part of a holiday-related display.

                      1. re: Frosty Melon

                        When they were dwindling in December, I found them next to the shelf with the stock, bread mixes, beans, and soup.

                        1. re: fldhkybnva

                          That's where they are, still, here in Austin, as well.

                    2. re: fldhkybnva

                      The fried onion pieces are in stock now at the TJ store in San Francisco (Soma). I bought two cans yesterday.

                      1. re: Frosty Melon

                        Whoa, I hope I don't see those today...crack!

                    3. Triple ginger brew. Again -- RIDICULOUS that this would be seasonal. Silly, silly TJ's.

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                      1. re: Bax

                        Had I known the Triple Ginger Brew would sell out so fast I would have bought as much of it as possible.

                        I also agree that the truffle salt should be year round.

                      2. Kona coffee truffles
                        Mini mint stars (cookies - can't think of the exact name)

                          1. re: Ttrockwood

                            I bought this in December for the first time.
                            Now it seems I have to stockpile it.

                          2. white chocolate chips and powdered sugar

                            1. Not this year but other years I have had trouble finding gingerbread mix outside of the holiday season.

                              1. Pumpkin cranberry crisps

                                Fried onions

                                1. Great idea for a thread, Thanks Alkapal.
                                  Never in the US during the holiday season, so this will be an interesting read for me.

                                  1. I'm just hoping the Trader Joe's people might see our desires.

                                    1. Their Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mint Thins that come in the long rectangular box. I tried another kind of dark choc. mints in a tub a few months ago but sadly they just weren't good!

                                      1. The turkey gravy in the tetrapak. I only got two this year, and they were gone by the time I went back for more. The cashier said she had one at home she would give me (!) but alas.

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                                        1. re: NonnieMuss

                                          I feel the same way about their turkey broth...I stocked up on it at the time but in short supply now.

                                          1. re: NonnieMuss

                                            Nonnie, my store has a ton. They must have stocked up. Can I send you some?

                                              1. re: ohmyyum

                                                Oh Lawd, I wish. Thanks for the offer, but I'll survive. I really don't need to be drinking gravy anyway.

                                            1. Kona coffee truffles*
                                              Mini mint dark chocolate star cookies
                                              Cranberry pistachio biscotti*
                                              Triple ginger brew*
                                              Cranberry Orange sauce (refrigerated item)
                                              Raclette cheese (imported, presliced)*

                                              *Can't imagine why seasonal!! (Wake up TJ's buyers!!)

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                                              1. re: josephnl

                                                They still have the Kona coffee truffles at my store and they didn't seem to be running out. All of the other holiday items have long been gone. Are you sure that those are seasonal?

                                                  1. re: RussTheRaccoon

                                                    i don't think they are seasonal. in fact, i first noticed them only around the week after christmas.

                                                  2. re: josephnl

                                                    The cranberry-pistachio biscotti have just become available again and are no longer considered seasonal! And, as noted by others, the Kona coffee truffles are not seasonal, and are available.

                                                    1. re: josephnl

                                                      Wow...the French raclette has just become a regular item. It's excellent and conveniently presliced to fit most raclette grills!

                                                      1. re: josephnl

                                                        Why do I keep forgetting the presliced Raclette. I love that cheese. This is the real thing right?

                                                        1. re: fldhkybnva

                                                          Yes...I guess some might argue that only Swiss raclette is the "real thing", but the French raclette is pretty real (and tasty) to me.

                                                          1. re: josephnl

                                                            Either is fine, I meant "real" as in not the version sold in some stores which has no flavor or funk whatsoever.

                                                      2. Definitely the chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joe's. Maybe they could make them either plain mint like the Girl Scout cookies (or no mint at all) rather than peppermint.

                                                        The nut oils and flavored olive oils they should have all year 'round as well.

                                                        I love the eggnog ice cream. They sell eggnog all year at WaWa stores but it seems out of place so perhaps that is best as a seasonal item.

                                                        1. My Northern California TJs had a private label North Coast Sparkling Brut from Rack and Riddle. Really crisp blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillion and a great value at $9.99.
                                                          The wine guy said that they do a private Methode Champanoise every holiday season, but this one was the best they have made.
                                                          I have to grab a few more myself.

                                                          1. Caramel & Dark Chocolate Popcorn Crunch. Ridiculously good - it was gone as soon as it was opened.

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                                                            1. re: wheeziewheeze

                                                              Is that the one in a red canister? OMG it was so good. Very reminiscent of Harry & David moose munch, which I happen to adore. I agree it would be a great year-round item.

                                                              1. re: ohmyyum

                                                                Yes, that's the one! I forgot about moose munch, but now that there aren't any Harry & Davids within 200 miles of me it's probably for the best.

                                                                1. re: ohmyyum

                                                                  dang! if i had known it was like moose munch, i would have gotten a stock!

                                                              2. I don't even remember seeing it this year, but in past years I've loved the cranberry apple butter.

                                                                The mustard set was a perfect addition to a gift to my parents. The family joke is that the first time my husband was at my parents for dinner (while we were dating) there were 5 kinds mustards on the table! It just stuck with him that it's a mustard household! After tasting them at my parents, I wish I'd gotten some for us too.

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                                                                1. re: eamcd

                                                                  They had the cranberry apple butter this year, at least in SF. I still have a little left from the holiday season.

                                                                  1. re: chinchi

                                                                    Seriously. I actually scanned the shelves for it yesterday, knowing full well it wouldn't be there. But there's some strange sense of possible surprise I get when shopping TJ's. I'm a bit hooked on it.

                                                                    1. re: Frosty Melon

                                                                      It was put on the shelves on Sept 21 (first day of Autumn) and was sold out within two weeks at 'my' TJs. That's when I saw a lot of pumpkin based items being placed on the shelves.

                                                                      That date and week is marked off on my calendar for this year...

                                                                      Kouign Amman was out, with many new Christmas items on MONDAY after Thanksgiving (and not on the Sunday after Thanksgiving).

                                                                  2. I believe the cinnamon dusted toscano cheese is a seasional (fall/winter) item and I'd love to be able to get that year-round.

                                                                    1. The frozen stuffed turkey breast. If I had enough room in the freezer, I'd buy at least a dozen. heat it up, use it as an entree, for sandwiches, etc.

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                                                                      1. re: Muskrat

                                                                        Is the stuffing a classic bread stuffing or something else?

                                                                        1. FYI y'all:
                                                                          IF you like TJ's pumpkin spice coffee,
                                                                          THEN you will probably like the Archer brand from Target -- it is even "spicier" than the TJ's version.

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                                                                          1. re: alkapal

                                                                            Sold year-round? Or around the holidays only?

                                                                            1. re: Frosty Melon

                                                                              that i don't know. i doubt it is year-round.

                                                                          2. Pumpkin butter. They carry it from about Thanksgiving on to the second week in December and then it is gone until the following year.

                                                                            1. A fall/winter rather than a holiday item but one I use all year: spaghetti squash. At $2.29 each, it's so much cheaper for a 5-lb monster at TJ's than paying $1.29/lb at the supermarket.

                                                                              Also the pumpkin ice cream & cheesecake. The ice cream is almost too rich, but I like to cut it with vanilla. I had bought a cheesecake for a holiday meal, then our guests showed up with dessert and I left it in the freezer. Finally had some a couple of days ago and knew I'd be socking a few away next year!

                                                                              1. I just got around to trying it, but I really liked the pumpkin dried cranberry scone mix. The scones were nice and tender with good pumpkin flavor. I guess I'll have to wait until October to get another box!

                                                                                1. the frozen puff pastry. i just tried the frozen pie dough and found it waay too sweet.