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Help! Vegan baby shower luncheon!

I am a non-vegan who is throwing a laid back baby shower for a vegan friend. In addition to conscious sourced table settings and locally grown flowers, I am wondering about my menu. Does this sound good to you?
Hummus, olive tapenade, taboutlah dips with pita chips
Baby green salad with roasted beets and candied walnuts
Fruit salad bowl
Veggie wraps
Roasted vegetables
Mushroom caviar with baguette chips
Walnut, cranberry, raisin artesian bread
Endive stuffed with apple pie filling
Rosemary and Sea Salt Scones
Pizza strips with caramelized onions

Give me your thoughts! Thanks!

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  1. Not a vegan (or even a vegetarian) but that sounds good! If that's "laid-back", I would love to see what you do when you're going all-out.

    What about serving the roasted vegetables room temp on couscous?

    Do you have some sort of spread for the walnut bread?

    Would you share that vegan scone recipe? Thanks!

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      Thanks for the suggestion for couscous for the vegetables and spread for the walnut bread. Maybe some fig butter.

      The vegan rosemary and sea salt scones will be coming from a local vegan bakery here in Providence.

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        Fig butter sounds like it would play well with the other dried fruits in the bread. And I think the fruit salad and apple-filled endive keep things from being too heavy on the savory side.
        Now I want some scones, darn it!

    2. Maybe this is deliberate but everything is savory. How about adding something sweet? maybe the wacky cake recipe as cupcakes?

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        We'll have the stereotypical baby shower cake to finish off the event.

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          After such a thoughtful meal, how do you feel about that? I hate stereotypical (sheet) cakes is why I ask. I had petit fours at my shower.

      2. Everything sounds delicious, can I come? :)

        I would probably skip the veggie wraps (boring, get soggy, and you have all the possible good fillings as salads/sides already).

        It might be nice to have a lentil or bean salad for some filling protein if this is intended to be a lunch affair. If it is just nibbles, you have more than covered it.

        I really like puy lentils dressed in a mustardy, garlicky vinaigrette tossed with roasted delicata slices and arugula.

        Chickpeas with spanish flavors (capers, roasted red peppers, lemon, olive oil) are also a great choice.

        1. Deleted after reading other info.

          1. maybe i have a skewed view because several folks in my circles are allergic to walnuts, but i'd make the salad with another, different, tree nut (pecans maybe).

            1. That sounds like a really great menu!!

              My only suggestions would be to consolidate and use the roasted veggies in the wrap along with some baked tofu or tempeh.
              Or.... Nix the wraps and do the roasted veggies ontop of a bean or lentil based salad, maybe with arugala or greens and and herby vinegrette, similar to previous suggestion.

              You're such a generous friend!

              1. Sounds delicious.
                Not sure what's in the wraps, but should be diff than roasted vegetables, since that's also on the menu.
                One other suggestion- crudités to go with the dips

                1. You said it was a luncheon, your menu is a bunch of snacks, in and of itself sounds good but with the exception of the roasted veggies and wraps, it's not what I would consider a cohesive menu for a lunch. When you dissect the menu, you have a bunch of bread items with some dips, a little fruit and some roasted veggies.

                  A centerpiece main dish would fit better...something like baked eggplant with sauce & béchamel made with soy/almond milk, a hot pasta/veggie dish or stuffed squash or something similar. Turn your pizza into a flatbread with the onions & herbs. Your green salad, fruit salad and a couple of those dips could complete the menu. IMO

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                    Good point....the only protein on the menu is the hummus. How about a bean-based dish (maybe an enchilada "lasagna" with cashew cheese?) or lentil/walnut pate instead of the mushroom caviar (this one is outstanding):

                    Another nice dish more "luncheon-y" is this beautiful potato galette:

                    1. re: Science Chick

                      ". . .the only protein on your menu..."
                      Her menu includes nuts and plants, which are packed with protein. It is a myth, propagated by the meat and dairy companies, that we need to eat tons of protein.
                      Most Americans, vegans included, get plenty.

                      1. re: globocity

                        Yes, there is a sprinkling of nuts there, but it's not sufficient. The walnuts on the salad, for example. Most folks won't get more than a Tablespoon in their serving, which has only about 2 g protein total. The average woman (130 lbs) really does need about 45-60g protein/day minimum, depending on activity level. And the pregnant Mom-to-be needs even more! This is not a myth propagated by animal producers, it is a fact based on years of sound nutritional research:

                        Most plants are not "packed with protein". For a longer discourse on this issue, you can refer to the discussion, and my points, here:

                        No one is suggesting that vegetarians and vegans don't get enough protein, or that you have to eat animal products to do so. But the menu being proposed is not one I would typically eat or serve as a well-rounded nutritional meal, if that is what the OP is going for. Heck, it's just a party!

                  2. everything sounds great except the endive with apple pie filling!? what the? also something fun might be vietnamese spring rolls as well or instead of veggie wraps. Can be done ahead and awesome. A peanut dipping sauce to go with. Just shredded carrot,cucumber,rice noodles,optional fresh mint,thai basil,red pepper, mango even.

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                      Yeah, apple pie filling... a loose combination of diced apples, raisins, and cinnamon.

                    2. awesome salad I use fresh ginger tho

                      8 cups Sweet potatoes (yams), peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes 1.8 kg
                      1 cup Mayonnaise or vegan mayonnaise 250 ml
                      1/2 cup Raisins 125 ml
                      1/2 cup Pecans, unsalted and chopped 125 ml
                      3/4 tsp Ginger, ground 3 ml
                      1/2 cup Celery, 1/4-inch diced 125 ml
                      1/2 cup Red onions, diced 125 ml
                      1/2 tsp Sea salt 2 ml
                      1/2 tsp Freshly ground black pepper 2 ml
                      2 tsp Lemon juice 10 ml

                      Steam potatoes until fork tender (about 20 minutes) then cool.

                      In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and toss gently with cooled, cooked potatoes. Chill in refrigerator before serving. Yields 4 - 6 servings.

                      1. another good one

                        2 bunches *Kale, centre stems removed
                        3 T Toasted Sesame Oil
                        1-2 T Tamari
                        4 tsp Garlic, fresh, minced
                        3 T Sesame seeds


                        In a large skillet, sauté oil, garlic and tamari, being careful not to burn the garlic. Add the kale and stir fry until soft but still bright green. DO NOT OVERCOOK. Place kale in bowl and toss with sesame seeds while still hot. YIELD Serves 4- 6.

                        1. Just make sure the bread, baguette chips and wraps are vegan.

                          1. Sounds like a bunch of lovely bites, but not really a "meal" so to speak.

                            Once upon a time, I had this quinoa and chickpea salad served with grilled romaine and shrimp (leave out the shrimp obviously)

                            As I've best recreated, cooked quinoa combined with chick peas (or whatever cooked white bean you have) with chopped cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and an herby balsamic vinaigrette. Stir to combine, and serve with grilled romaine lettuce wedges. (A bit of feta cheese is a lovely vegetarian touch). I make this once a month for work lunches and I'm always so happy to eat my lunch those days

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                              I'm assuming baby shower happened since OP was from early jan