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Jan 6, 2014 05:43 AM

Help! Vegan baby shower luncheon!

I am a non-vegan who is throwing a laid back baby shower for a vegan friend. In addition to conscious sourced table settings and locally grown flowers, I am wondering about my menu. Does this sound good to you?
Hummus, olive tapenade, taboutlah dips with pita chips
Baby green salad with roasted beets and candied walnuts
Fruit salad bowl
Veggie wraps
Roasted vegetables
Mushroom caviar with baguette chips
Walnut, cranberry, raisin artesian bread
Endive stuffed with apple pie filling
Rosemary and Sea Salt Scones
Pizza strips with caramelized onions

Give me your thoughts! Thanks!

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  1. Not a vegan (or even a vegetarian) but that sounds good! If that's "laid-back", I would love to see what you do when you're going all-out.

    What about serving the roasted vegetables room temp on couscous?

    Do you have some sort of spread for the walnut bread?

    Would you share that vegan scone recipe? Thanks!

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    1. re: tacosandbeer

      Thanks for the suggestion for couscous for the vegetables and spread for the walnut bread. Maybe some fig butter.

      The vegan rosemary and sea salt scones will be coming from a local vegan bakery here in Providence.

      1. re: sarahbeth

        Fig butter sounds like it would play well with the other dried fruits in the bread. And I think the fruit salad and apple-filled endive keep things from being too heavy on the savory side.
        Now I want some scones, darn it!

    2. Maybe this is deliberate but everything is savory. How about adding something sweet? maybe the wacky cake recipe as cupcakes?

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      1. re: jadec

        We'll have the stereotypical baby shower cake to finish off the event.

        1. re: sarahbeth

          After such a thoughtful meal, how do you feel about that? I hate stereotypical (sheet) cakes is why I ask. I had petit fours at my shower.

      2. Everything sounds delicious, can I come? :)

        I would probably skip the veggie wraps (boring, get soggy, and you have all the possible good fillings as salads/sides already).

        It might be nice to have a lentil or bean salad for some filling protein if this is intended to be a lunch affair. If it is just nibbles, you have more than covered it.

        I really like puy lentils dressed in a mustardy, garlicky vinaigrette tossed with roasted delicata slices and arugula.

        Chickpeas with spanish flavors (capers, roasted red peppers, lemon, olive oil) are also a great choice.

        1. Deleted after reading other info.

          1. maybe i have a skewed view because several folks in my circles are allergic to walnuts, but i'd make the salad with another, different, tree nut (pecans maybe).