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Jan 6, 2014 05:42 AM

Best Cuban in Hudson County: Union City/West New York area

What are your favorite spots for Cuban cuisine in North Jersey? I'm assuming that many of the best, most authentic eateries are along or near the Bergenline Avenue corridor of Union City, West New York, Guttenberg, and North Bergen in Hudson County.

I'm looking for places serving anything from classic Cuban comfort food dishes to baked goods to Cuban sandwiches to desserts and anything in between.

Decor and ambience are not important; just looking for a place with legitimately great, real deal Cuban food.

I'm also willing to try places outside of the Bergenline Avenue corridor if they're destination worthy. Are there any outstanding and authentic Cuban eateries in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, or Union Counties?

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      1. re: Curlz

        +2 for La Isla. also enjoy Mambo tea house in Rutherford.

    1. Rumba Cubana has it's fans.

      For a Cubano Sandwich or Espresso...Gilberto's

      You may get recommendations for Cuban Eddie's for cheap eats, but I've never had anything that did not resemble day old food on the numerous times I have tried.

      1. Agreed on both La Isla and Rumba Cubana.

        Also -- it doesn't fit your "authentic" or "real deal" labels in a rigid way, but you should check out the menu and take a look at...Rebecca's (Edgewater). Cuban food for sure, but with an excellent chef who puts a nice flair on a variety of Cuban dishes. Family owned and operated (they are Cuban) and many of the dishes are from Cuba (the chef's mother) and are "traditional" -- but the chef adds a modern twist or flair.

        Some might call it a "modern" flair or perhaps "creative" -- but Rebecca's is excellent.


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        1. re: ELA

          I've also eaten at Mambo Tea House in Rutherford and its good

        2. Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I'll take a look into these spots over the upcoming days.