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Jan 5, 2014 07:08 PM

Need Advice Selecting Fine Dining for Bachelor Party

Hi folks,

I'm helping to plan a bachelor party for a friend of mine with seven or eight of us total, and rather than go the dive bar/gentleman's club route, we're keeping it classy, refined, and gentlemanly in the true sense of the word. Along those lines, for dinner, I'm thinking one of the classic steakhouses in town or a nice tasting menu. Some options I've considered:

- 112 Eatery: Bachelor has been here before as have a few others, we all love it. But it would not be a new experience.

- Capital Grille: all of us have been there, always a reliable experience, but same as above, nothing new.

- St. Paul Grill: highly recommended and none of us have been there

- Restaurant Alma: looks like an appealing tasting menu and gets great reviews, none have been there

- La Belle Vie: both the regular tasting and chef's tasting menus look awesome and the restaurant has that pedigree. None of us have been there, but pricier than the other options.

Any thoughts on the above options, or any other suggestions along these lines that I haven't listed? Everything would be on the table, so to speak, at this point.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I am not in your town, but def try something new! If the food doesn't meet the hype, then just drink more whiskey! In fact, I'd suggest choosing the place with the best whiskey or scotch selection - that is manly and gentlemanly at the same time!

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    1. re: alegramarcel

      Thanks for the reply, alegramarcel :)

      Yes, the whiskey and drinks will be flowing throughout the evening. And thanks for the suggestion to try something new. That is what I am leaning toward as well, shared experience for all and no prior opinions to cloud anything.

      On that note, for anyone that has been to Restaurant Alma or La Belle Vie, neither list any liquors in online menus, just wines (Alma) and cocktails (La Belle Vie). I would assume they have full bars and perhaps a whiskey selection, but you know what they say about assumptions...

      1. re: PaloSanto

        Alma serves only beer and wine. Plus, it's not the place to go for drinking - food is the focus. Eight gentlemen who were indulging in flowing alcohol would definitely stand out.

        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Understood. Thanks for the tip. I think we would mostly be behaving ourselves, and the drinking would be in moderation over the course of the evening. I don't expect this to be a "typical" bachelor party. :-)

          But again, points well taken. Thank you!

    2. It's a little different, but might I suggest Moscow on the Hill in St Paul. Not classic steakhouse, but great food, nice atmosphere, and vodka tasting flights for the bachelor party aspect.

      Otherwise, I would suggest Haute Dish in Minneapolis. Modern takes on midwestern comfort food with a great beer list and a full bar. They also have a lovely Sunday brunch for the "morning after". . .

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      1. re: autumm

        Thanks for the great suggestions, autumm :)

        We've been to Moscow on the Hill and for reasons completely unrelated to the food, service, or ambiance (all great), it probably isn't a good choice for us. :-/

        Haute Dish is a great suggestion, it's on my personal list to visit. Will have to think about that in the context of the Bachelor Party attendees/evening as a whole. The morning after suggestion is actually great. :)

      2. Its more about the event and the company than the place. I'd go for known and great (you know what that would be, I don't).

        BTW good job not having a trashy BP! No good comes from them.

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        1. re: sal_acid

          Thanks for the tip, sal_acid. You're right, it likely is more about the day/evening than the place. I'm sure any of the places would work out well, more or less looking for someone to validate something in my list of options or suggest something that I'm completely overlooking in the planning of the event. :)

          The idea with the whole Bachelor Party is just to have an uncomplicated, issue-free night out with close friends where we can celebrating the waning days of "commitment-free" socializing and reflect on the past/future.

        2. Maybe consider the Strip Club in St. Paul? (It's not a strip club.) Otherwise La Belle Vie is great--and yes they do have a full bar and extensive wine list. The head bartender there is very creative and the cocktails are excellent IMO. Actually, the bartenders at the Strip Club are also very creative and well-respected, too. Have a lovely time!

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          1. re: baa

            Great suggestion, thank you! Just took a look at their menu (Strip Club Meat & Fish) and it looks simple, but refined, and watched a couple of their videos. This very well might be a great option. Perhaps we can do something like dinner/drinks in St. Paul, and drinks/dessert in Minneapolis. :-)

            1. re: PaloSanto

              I was going to say the Strip Club! Nice variety on their menu, full bar, and a fun environment (the waitstaff is terrific).

              1. re: ChillyDog

                Thanks for the second vote for it! :-)

                It seems like there are quite a few options we can come up with for this event (I've recently been to the Smack Shack and loved it, that's also a possibility).

                I guess we (mostly me) need to decide how "upscale" to drive it. I like the idea of a tasting menu at a place like La Belle Vie because it's "special"; I could see us going to some of the other places for a birthday, job promotion, celebrating a child's birth, etc. But as mentioned up-thread, maybe it's less about the "place" as it is the "event" itself and the company. And maybe I'm over-analyzing, which I tend to do sometimes.

                Thanks all for the replies!

                1. re: PaloSanto

                  La Belle Vie is wonderful and yes, they have a full bar and will serve you whatever you want. You could book a table in the dining room but I'd call and see if you could reserve a place in the lounge. You can get the same menu in both.

          2. Strip Club is a great suggestion. Another play on words would be Bachelor Farmer. You could meet at Marvel Bar before your reservation.

            If you liked 112, Burch might be something to try.